Crab and prawn cocktail

A perfect starter at Christmas, you can get this crab and prawn cocktail on the table in no time.

15 minutes 2 people Snacks
Crab and prawn cocktail


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  • 120 grams of precooked crab meat
  • 150 grams of precooked prawns
  • Handful of lamb's lettuce
  • Ground paprika
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 small tomatoes
  • About 3 or 4 tablespoons whiskey cocktail sauce
  • Pepper and salt
Crab and prawn cocktail ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • 2 cocktail glasses
  • small sieve
  • medium bowl
  • Optional: salad spinner
  • small bowl
  • tablespoon
  • small pan
  • chopping board
  • chef's knife


15 minutes 2 people Snacks

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Preparation – 10 minutes

If you are using frozen precooked prawns, you must thaw them first. Fill a medium bowl with lukewarm water and place the frozen prawns in it.

Fill a small pan with water and boil the 2 eggs. Boil the eggs for 7 minutes after the water comes to a boil. Then shock the eggs and peel them.

Wash the 2 small tomatoes and cut lengthwise into quarters. Cut the boiled eggs into wedges, too. Wash the lamb's lettuce and remove any excess water with a salad spinner.

Drain the canned crab meat into a small sieve. Transfer the crab meat to a small bowl and add whiskey cocktail sauce to taste. Add about ¾ of the precooked prawns.

Mix the crab and prawns until the whiskey cocktail sauce coats all the meat. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

Crab and prawn cocktail
Crab and prawn cocktail

Finishing the crab cocktail with shrimp – 5 minutes

Add a small handful of lamb's lettuce to a cocktail glass. Then spoon over the crab-prawn mixture with a tablespoon. Garnish with a few tomato wedges and a boiled egg.

Share the rest of the remaining prawns between the 2 cocktail glasses. Finally, garnish with a small pinch of paprika. Serve immediately, enjoy this delicious crab cocktail with prawns!

Crab and prawn cocktail: frequently asked questions

Can I make the crab cocktail with shrimp in advance?

You can prepare almost anything in this cocktail a day in advance. Don't fill the glasses until you are ready to serve the cocktail. Store the ingredients in tightly sealed containers in the refrigerator.

When is the best time to serve the crab cocktail?

This is a real classic for the festive season, but this cocktail is also fantastic at high tea or as a snack with a glass of champagne!

I don't have any cocktail glasses, what should I do?

You don't necessarily have to serve this crab cocktail in a cocktail glass. This was done purely for presentation. It also looks nice in a nice wide glass or even in a bowl. The taste will not be just as good!

Can I replace the crab with something else?

The crab could possibly be replaced with surimi / crab sticks. This is imitation crab; it’s a lot cheaper than the real thing which is reflected in the taste. Cut the surimi / crab sticks into small pieces before using.

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