63 recipes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We'll show you which recipes you can try to kickstart your day!

3 deluxe grilled cheeses

40 minutes 3 people (2)

This is what you need! Really! 3 variations of deluxe grilled cheeses, including 2 hearty and 1 sweet version. So good, they're perfect for lunch.

Beef breakfast burrito

20 minutes 4 people

Fuss-free beef breakfast burrito, ready in less than 20 minutes and does not need any butter or olive oil! Recipe for 4 people.

Golden Santa bread

1 hour 6 people

Our version of a simple home-made dough shaped like a golden santa bread. It's a sweet dough, a bit similar to brioche. Great for Christmas brunch.

Tomato and basil bruschetta

10 minutes 2 people

Super fast Italian snack. Tomato and basil bruschetta only uses 5 ingredients but packs lot's of flavors. Recipe for 2, ready in 10 minutes.

Lemon flan with tutti frutti

1 hours 20 minutes 6 people

If you never heard of this French dessert, you definitely have to try lemon flan some time soon. Serve with a lovely syrupy home-made tutti frutti.

Smoked salmon wraps

10 minutes 2 people

Breakfast worthy smoked salmon wraps. This recipe makes two tortillas filled with cream cheese, cucumber and red onion. Ready in less than ten minutes.

Figs, bacon and blue cheese grilled sandwich

10 minutes 6 people (1)

Figs, bacon and blue cheese grilled sandwich, amazing flavors! Grab a grill pan and throw in some slices of bread and bacon, absolute perfection!

Crepes with figs and pears

10 minutes 4 people

A crepe is basically a really thin pancake. Eat crepes with figs and pears for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Peach milkshake

5 minutes 4 people

Peaches are natural sweeteners, so secretly this delicious peach milkshake is also kinda healthy! It's creamy, smooth and quite filling. Ready in 5 minutes.


30 minutes 4 people (1)

In a lot of countries they eat shakshuka for breakfast, containing eggs and other good stuff that makes a lot of sense! Use bread for dipping and enjoy!

Strawberry yoghurt dessert

10 minutes 4 people

Simple, every weekday strawberry yoghurt dessert. Ready in about 10 minutes, recipe for 4 people. It's sweet, bitter and perfect for after a heavy meal.

Red onion compote and brie sandwich

20 minutes 2 people

Delicious home-made red onion compote and brie sandwich, ready in less than 20 minutes. An absolute delicious lunch or breakfast recipe for one.

Chicken strawberry sandwich

10 minutes 1 person

Are you in a rush each morning? This very fast to make chicken strawberry sandwich might just be for you! Ready in LESS than 10 minutes.

Waffles with red fruits

20 minutes 12 people (3)

Whip up these amazing waffles with red fruits in 20 minutes. Great as a dessert, lunch, breakfast, well actually.. you can eat them any time you like!

Goat's cheese with apple and sage toastie

15 minutes 2 people (1)

Try something new with this goat's cheese with apple and sage toastie. Delicious, refreshing and surprisingly good. What's not to love about melted cheese?