63 recipes

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We'll show you which recipes you can try to kickstart your day!

Oeufs en meurette - poached eggs in red wine sauce

50 minutes 4 people

Oeufs en meurette is a classic French dish. It's literally just poached eggs in red wine sauce, with bacon and mushrooms.

French toast with raspberries

20 minutes 4 people

French toast with raspberries is great for any day. Make them heart-shaped for a lovely and quick Valentine's day breakfast.

Scrambled eggs with black olives

15 minutes 6 people

These scrambled eggs with black olives look amazing during an Easter brunch. Scrambled eggs are done very quickly, you can also use truffle tapenade.

Easter bread

1 hour 6 people

This Easter bread has to rise twice, so that will take up some time. It's definitely worth it! A soft and tasteful bread, including hard boiled eggs. It's a bit similar to brioche bread.

Maple pancakes

15 minutes 4 people (4)

Classic maple pancakes are fluffy American pancakes with maple syrup in the batter and extra on top for extra deliciousness! Very easy to create and can be served for breakfast or lunch.


30 minutes 4 people (1)

Piperade is a classic Basque recipe, made with peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggs and more. An easy vegetarian dish you can serve with bread.

Almond cruffins

1 hour 12 people

Almond cruffins, a combination of a croissant and a muffin. Crunchy because of the almonds and the multiple layers and refreshing from the lemon.

Bagel with cream cheese, egg and smoked turkey

15 minutes 3 people

A bagel with cream cheese, egg and smoked turkey is a filling and delicious breakfast or lunch. Recipe for 3 bagels, ready in just 15 minutes.

Rhubarb compote

15 minutes 6 people

Rhubarb is a delicious versatile, sweet and sour vegetable. Try our rhubarb compote with vanilla to go with yogurt or all kinds of desserts.

Eggs benedict

25 minutes 2 people (1)

Classic egg benedict are easier than you might think. Delicious luxury breakfast or lunch for the weekend, or during Easter.

Lemon quark bread

50 minutes 6 people

A homemade lemon quark bread, delicious, refreshing and its a great start of the day. Combines perfectly with a fruity jam.

No-knead bread

1 hours 45 minutes 4 people

Making your own bread is so delicious, and the smell, mmm! This no-knead bread is ready in less than 2 hours. Worth it!

Kiwi and grape smoothie

10 minutes 2 people (4)

Looking for a lovely smoothie? This kiwi and grape smoothie is a bit filling and perfect for breakfast. Recipe for 2 smoothies.

Date nut bread

45 minutes 6 people

Make your own date nut bread, made with fresh dates, yeast and yogurt. Lovely with a layer of salted butter or to serve with a cheese platter.

Strawberry jam

25 minutes 12 people

Make your own strawberry jam with only 3 ingredients. Super easy, delicious and can be made in less than half an hour. Have you ever tried it?