Start with awesome starter dish for memorable and easy dishes. Great for dinner parties and daily chow!

Basic vegetable soup

1 hours 15 minutes 8 people

A basic vegetable soup can vary all the time, you can add all kinds of veggies to empty your fridge. Add tiny meatballs for a non-vegetarian version.

Smoked salmon salad with horseradish crème fraîche

15 minutes 4 people

A soft and light salad with smoked salmon, horseradish, fennel, red beets and more. Delicious and perfect combination of flavors.

Pumpkin and fennel puff pastry tart

50 minutes 4 people

This pumpkin and fennel puff pastry tart has amazing flavor combinations, with persimmon! Easy and great for lunch or as a starter.

Persimmon and goat's cheese appetizers

10 minutes 6 people

Experience a delicious combination of fruit and cheese in these persimmon and goat's cheese appetizers. Quick and easy so you have more time to enjoy NYE!

Scallops with balsamic caramel

10 minutes 5 people

End the year with a perfect appetizer that melts on your tongue. Or start the year perfect, because you can also serve these scallops on a salad.

Venison with fresh figs and cinnamon foam

40 minutes 2 people

Serve a warm side dish this Christmas, a venison (deer steak) with fresh figs and cinnamon foam is a great example of this!

Vitello tonnato

2 hours 10 minutes 10 people

Almost everybody knows a classic vitello tonnato, but have you ever made it yourself? Slowly cook the veal for a flavor explosion!

Sea bream with fresh pasta and samphire

40 minutes 6 people

Sea bream with fresh pasta and samphire is a lovely warm appetizer, you can also serve it in larger portions for a main course. So delicious!

Polenta and sweet potato appetizers

35 minutes 20 people

Perfect little polenta and sweet potato appetizers for your upcoming Christmas dinner. Its vegetarian and needs only a tiny amount of preparation!

Lobster and green apple salad

15 minutes 2 people

A lobster and green apple salad might sound fancy, but its actually very easy to make at home! Recipe for two people, great as a lunch.

Pumpkin gnocchi

1 hour 4 people

For this lovely pumpkin gnocchi we used roasted pumpkin puree instead of potatoes. Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside!

Autumn salad with warm coarse mustard dressing

35 minutes 4 people

Sweet potato, bacon and parsnip make this autumn salad with warm coarse mustard dressing super delicious. Have you ever had a warm dressing?

Dutch mustard and leek soup

20 minutes 4 people

Dutch mustard and leek soup is super quick and has a rich and creamy flavor. Made with coarse mustard for a perfect texture. Ready in 20 minutes.

Comforting Beef Bone Broth (+video)

44 minutes 6 people

This comforting Beef Bone Broth is delicious and savory enough to drink on it’s own but also makes a nice addition to your favorite recipes.

Easy zucchini soup with shrimps

25 minutes 6 people

Zucchini soup with shrimps and a hint of lemon basil. It's a divine combination that's ready in less than half an hour. Serves 6 people.