Dish type: bites

5 recipes


Ham and herbed cheese cucumber bites

5 minutes 4 people (1)

A delicious, quick and easy cold snack that everyone can make. These ham and herbed cheese cucumber bites are ready in just 5 minutes.

Carnaval tortilla appetizers

20 minutes 8 people

These carnaval tortilla appetizers are amazing at a party for carnaval lovers. They consist of the colors of Dutch carnaval: red-yellow-green.

Ham and quail egg bruschetta

20 minutes 8 people

Ham and quail egg bruschetta are very festive and easy bites during a party. Ready within 20 minutes with only a few ingredients.

Persimmon and goat's cheese appetizers

10 minutes 6 people

Experience a delicious combination of fruit and cheese in these persimmon and goat's cheese appetizers. Quick and easy so you have more time to enjoy NYE!

4 ways to make deviled eggs

15 minutes 5 people

Have fun this easter making these amazing tasting deviled eggs. Four different ways, classical, bacon, salmon and mediterranean.