6 recipes


Veal roast with tomatoes and rosemary

40 minutes 4 people

Veal roast with tomatoes and rosemary is ready within 40 minutes. A delicious juicy meat that's a great center piece for a dinner party or the Holidays.


45 minutes 4 people (1)

Poutine is a classic comfort food in Canada. Homemade fries with cheese and gravy, what's not to love about that? AMAZING dish!

Wonton in spiced chicken broth

40 minutes 4 people (1)

Wonton in spiced chicken broth, made from scratch within 45 minutes! Easy and super delicious! A bit spicy and light soup.

Bisque de homard - lobster soup

1 hours 20 minutes 12 people (1)

Bisque de homard is a French classic lobster soup made from scratch using lobster shells, veggies and more. The perfect soup during Christmas.

Kimchi stew

35 minutes 4 people (1)

Have you ever had kimchi? Fermented Korean cabbage with red pepper and more. Add even more ingredients for a lovely kimchi stew!

Comforting Beef Bone Broth (+video)

44 minutes 6 people

This comforting Beef Bone Broth is delicious and savory enough to drink on it’s own but also makes a nice addition to your favorite recipes.