Dish type: soft

6 recipes


Garlic and pomegranate labneh

12 hours 10 minutes 6 people

This dip is a classic one from the Lebanese cuisine, served with (pita)bread. Try this garlic and pomegranate labneh.

Mini kaki bundt cakes

20 minutes 12 people

Aren't these mini kaki bundt cakes the cutest? They are also nice and sweet because of the added kaki fruit. Recipe for 12, ready in 20 minutes.

Pickled cucumbers with ginger

20 minutes 12 people (1)

Super easy pickled cucumbers with ginger, cinnamon and bay leaves. Use preserving jars so you can enjoy these lovely cucumbers as long as possible.

Red fruit and cream cheese souffle

30 minutes 4 people (2)

Sweet and sour dessert, perfectly balanced. Lovely fluffy red fruit and cream cheese souffle is ready in half an hour. Perfect for summer. Recipe for 4.

Butter lettuce salad with chicken thighs

25 minutes 2 people

Make a big impression with this butter lettuce salad with chicken thighs. Recipe for 2, ready in 25 minutes.

Artichokes with shallot vinaigrette

50 minutes 2 people (1)

Artichokes with shallot vinaigrette is one of those dishes which proves that simplicity is best. Dip these artichokes in shallot vinaigrette for a taste of summer!