Dish type: yeast

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50 minutes 4 people

Hot, buttered crumpets are a quintessentially British treat. Our homemade versions are delightfully airy and spongy in texture. They are well worth making at home. Will you enjoy yours with just butter, with a dollop of jam, or a smear of Marmite?

Liège waffles

45 minutes 14 people

You probably know these wonderfully fragrant Liège waffles that you can often find in the market, fresh from the waffle iron. A waffle with pearl sugar, so delicious!

Apple brioche

1 hours 5 minutes 8 people

This apple brioche looks festive, a delicious bread during Holiday brunches. Made with apple, cinnamon and homemade dough.

Salmon and yuzu blinis

35 minutes 8 people

Appetizers with marinated salmon are even better than smoked salmon, don't you think? These salmon and yuzu blinis are also great for the Holidays.

Chocolate beignets

45 minutes 8 people (3)

Delicious chocolate beignets with a fluffy homemade yeast dough. After frying, the dough is being filled with soft dark chocolate, mm!

Pizza Margherita

35 minutes 2 people

A super basic pizza, but still the pizza Margherita is a favorite of many! Recipe for 2 and ready in a bit more than half an hour.

Pizza tonno

35 minutes 2 people (2)

A delicious and classic pizza tonno is a pizza with tuna, red onion, mozzarella and passata. Recipe for 1 pizza.

Dutch peach pie - perzikvlaai

1 hours 40 minutes 12 people

A Dutch peach pie - perzikvlaai, is a classic pie from the South of the Netherlands. It looks pretty and is very fruity and refreshing.

'Healthy' rhubarb meringue pie

1 hours 40 minutes 12 people

An old-fashioned rhubarb meringue pie, with spelt flour and coconut sugar so it's quite 'healthy'. With a classic Dutch pie crust.

Almond cruffins

1 hour 12 people (1)

Almond cruffins, a combination of a croissant and a muffin. Crunchy because of the almonds and the multiple layers and refreshing from the lemon.

Lemon quark bread

50 minutes 6 people

A homemade lemon quark bread, delicious, refreshing and its a great start of the day. Combines perfectly with a fruity jam.

No-knead bread

1 hours 45 minutes 4 people

Making your own bread is so delicious, and the smell, mmm! This no-knead bread is ready in less than 2 hours. Worth it!

Dutch crumb pie - Kruimelvlaai

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people (7)

The Dutch crumb pie, or kruimelvlaai in Dutch is a classic 'vlaai' from the South of the Netherlands. Delicious layer of custard topped off with crumbs.

Dutch cherry pie - kersenvlaai

1 hours 40 minutes 12 people (4)

Recipe for a traditional Dutch pie, it has been in my family for generations. Kersenvlaai is another classic one! Made with a heart of peaches.

Rijstevlaai - Dutch rice pie

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people (38)

Recipes for Dutch (Limburgse) pies have been in my family for generations. For example this lovely rijstevlaai, one of my favorites!