Red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti

25 minutes 4 people

Cheap, easy and quick to cook vegetarian dish. A red pepper flakes and garlic spaghetti you won't forget any time soon! Grab the recipe for red pepper flakes spaghetti here.

Dutch meatballs with mashed potatoes

1 hour 4 people

Enjoy this old school recipe for Dutch meatballs with mashed potatoes on the side. Easy to make and serves up to 4 people. Classic Dutch meatballs recipe

Italian lasagna

1 hours 35 minutes 6 people

Taste the flavors of Italy with this Italian lasagna with a homemade sauce, cheese and layers of meat with pasta.

African blue basil vinaigrette

10 minutes 10 people

Quick to make African blue basil vinaigrette. Combine with various types of pastas, salads and chicken. You will love the powerful flavors from this basil vinaigrette!

Mashed potatoes

30 minutes 4 people

You can't go wrong with this classic recipe for mashed potatoes. These taters go well with a diversity of dishes. Mashed potatoes in about half an hour.

Spanish rice

35 minutes 4 people

Ever wondered how they make Spanish rice? Check out this easy to make recipe for spanish rice and whip up a side dish in no time!

Cantaloupe with lime, mint and honey

10 minutes 2 people

Enjoy this easy to prepare light summer dessert with fresh cantaloupe, lime, mint, honey and a dash of salt. Who doesn't love cantaloupe?