Fancy prawns with cauliflower

30 minutes 4 people

These prawns with cauliflower will amaze your family and friends! You can make these prawns with cauliflower in under half an hour for four people.

Sweet and sour cucumber lints

5 minutes 4 people

A hearty side dish fit for a lot of meals. Crunchy cucumber with a sweet and sour taste, ready in about 5 minutes and can serve up to 4 people easily.

Caramelised pecan nuts with rice and oven baked tomatoes

40 minutes 2 people

Christmas dish with caramalised pecan nuts, almonds, rice and oven baked tomatoes. Get your Christmas spirit going with this amazing dish!

Zebra cake

1 hours 15 minutes 8 people

Dark chocolate and vanilla striped zebra cake. Jazz up your afternoon coffee or tea with this delicious zebra cake. Fun for kids too!

Cauliflower casserole with ham and cheese

50 minutes 4 people

Hungry? Why not make a nice cauliflower casserole with ham and cheese? Healthy, easy and kid friendly dish you can whip up in less than an hour!

Caramelised carrots

20 minutes 4 people

Caramelised carrots are a great way to serve them. You can cook them in advance and reheat when your main dish is ready

Mini raspberry banana shortcake

40 minutes 6 people

This mini raspberry banana shortcake serves as a great snack or dessert. This mini raspberry banana shortcake will also give you extra energy!

Raspberry cake

1 hour 8 people

A light, fruity layered raspberry cake with blueberries. This raspberry cake is very sweet and a delight to eat! Grab the recipe for raspberry cake here

Rosemary bread

6 hour 4 people

Rosemary bread which is soft on the inside with a crunchy outside. Impress your friends and family by making your own home-made rosemary bread!

Fennel salad with radish and pomegranate

10 minutes 2 people

Fennel salad with radish and pomegranate drizzled with olive oil and lemon. Light fennel salad great as a starter. Combine with a nice white or rose wine

Strawberry goat cheese salad

10 minutes 4 people

Mixed greens, strawberries and goat cheese salad with a nice sweet vinaigrette. Easy, simpel and so tasty! Serves up to four people.

Gorgonzola pear salad

10 minutes 4 people

Great looking gorgonzola pear salad with walnuts and lukewarm pears. Ready in less than 10 minutes this salad will please your tastebuds!

Mashed potatoes

30 minutes 4 people

You can't go wrong with this classic recipe for mashed potatoes. These taters go well with a diversity of dishes. Mashed potatoes in about half an hour.