Aioli Dipping Sauce


Aioli dipping sauce is a cold egg and oil emulsion with olive oil and garlic. Perfect for tapas, at parties and goes great with a lot of main course dishes.

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Aioli dipping sauce
10 minutes 4 people Starters
Aioli dipping sauce


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  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 200 ml olive oil
  • pepper and salt to taste
Aioli dipping sauce ingredients
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Kitchen equipment

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  • stand mixer, handmixer or large bowl and a whisk
  • cutting board & chef's knife

Aioli Dipping Sauce

10 minutes 4 people Starters

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Preparation --5 minutes

The easiest way to prepare an aioli dipping sauce, is by using a stand mixer or handmixer. You can of course also use a large bowl and a whisk, the technique is similar to making mayonnaise

Peel and cut the garlic cloves as fine as you can, or use a garlic press. We don't own a garlic press, because we don't like to have mushy garlic and it's a lot faster to use a knife instead.

But of course, that's everyone's own choice.  

Aioli dipping sauce
Aioli dipping sauce

Making aioli dipping sauce -- 5 minutes

Add garlic, lemon juice and egg yolks into the bowl of your stand mixer until it's well combined. Now slowly drizzle the olive oil into the bowl and you'll notice the sauce will become thicker.

The egg yolks and oil are used as a thickening agent in this recipe. Season with pepper and salt. When you think it's not thick enough, add a little bit of extra oil. But be careful, the sauce shouldn't taste too 'oily'.

Goes great for dipping in plain bread, potatoes, veggies and even great with a lot of main course dishes such as fish or mussels.

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