Create ice cream

7 recipes


Banana ice cream

1 hour 8 people (1)

This banana ice cream is super creamy and tastes just like a frozen milkshake that's even creamier and tastier. Use sweet ripe bananas for the best result.

Coconut ice cream

1 hour 6 people (5)

This coconut ice cream is super creamy and full of flavors. Extra delicious with roasted coconut and grated chocolate, but a plain scoop is also amazing!

Pink peppercorn ice cream

1 hour 6 people

Pink peppercorns are actually not real pepper, they are delicious berries with a pepper flavor. Try this pink peppercorn ice cream, it's amazing!

Meringue and stracciatella ice cream pie

20 minutes 6 people

This meringue and stracciatella ice cream pie is ready within 20 minutes (+ freezer time). Easy homemade ice cream without an ice cream maker.

French green tea parfait

25 minutes 6 people (1)

A parfait is a French dessert which is a 'no churn ice cream'. A green tea parfait is a super creamy and well balanced dessert.

Caipirinha sorbet

50 minutes 6 people

The classic Brazilian caipirinha cocktail, super refreshing with all those limes! Make it into a caipirinha sorbet, perfect for hot summer days.

Pineapple carpaccio and rosemary ice cream

50 minutes 6 people

Home-made ice cream! So many delicious flavors in this pineapple carpaccio and rosemary ice cream, great in any season! Ready in 50 minutes.