Dish type: street food

15 recipes


Pan fried tandoori chicken

25 minutes 4 people (2)

The smell of this pan fried tandoori chicken is absolutely amazing. An Indian dish that can be served with roasted potatoes and a salad. Simply the best!

Black pepper chicken

50 minutes 4 people

An explosion of flavours can be expected from this black pepper chicken. A bit of spiciness and saltiness, perfectly balanced. Served with rice and naan bread.

Crispy chicken and hummus pita

25 minutes 3 people

Crispy chicken and hummus pita made with red beets, so easy with only a few ingredients. Is there even anything better than fried chicken?

Chicken and chorizo empanadas

1 hours 30 minutes 5 people (2)

Chicken and chorizo empanadas with home-made dough and an A-MA-ZING red onion salsa. And psst, there's even cheese inside!

Carre d'ambre mini hamburgers

20 minutes 4 people

A cheese so soft, you can't slice it but you'll need a spoon. OMG, heaven! Carre d'ambre mini hamburgers combines a lot of goodness in one bite!

Pickled red beets and chorizo tacos

1 hours 15 minutes 6 people

Tacos are a perfect weekday meal to enjoy with friends and family. The combination of pickled red beets and chorizo tacos is even more perfect!

Slow cooker pork carnitas

5 hours 25 minutes 4 people

Slow cooker pork carnitas are a Mexican speciality that means 'little meats' and is similar to pulled pork. Served on a tortilla with avocado and lime.

Spicy marinated chicken skewers

15 minutes 4 people

Create small spicy marinated chicken skewers for your next party. The lemon juice makes the chicken extra tender en therefore delicious. Ready in 15 minutes

Baked vegetable crisps

10 minutes 4 people

Everyone loves crisps and home-made they are even better! Fry them or bake them in the oven. Baked vegetable crisps are ready in 10 minutes.

Phulauri with sweet tomato chutney

40 minutes 10 people (1)

Oh my.. we've just discovered this delicious snack from Suriname. A phulauri with sweet tomato chutney is fried goodness suitable for vegetarians.

Burger sliders

20 minutes 4 people

Burgers are awesome, but these burger sliders are even better cause they're so cute. Ready in 20 minutes and makes 8 mini burgers.

Hot dogs

10 minutes 4 people

Delicious classic hot dogs, loved by everyone. Can someone wake you up for an awesome hot dog too? Mmm! Ready in only 10 minutes!

Beef kofta

20 minutes 4 people (3)

Spicy garlic flavors from this middle eastern beef kofta recipe. Serve with plain rice, a salad or potatoes. Recipe for 4 people, ready in 20 minutes.


30 minutes 4 people (5)

Steamed dumplings are very easy, with almost no effort you can create your Chinese restaurant favorite appetizer at home. Ready in 30 minutes.

Hungarian kurtos kalacs a.k.a. chimney cake

1 hours 35 minutes 6 people (35)

Hungarian treat: kurtos kalacs. Also called a chimney cake, for it's chimney-like appearance. Amazingly fun to eat!