Dish type: lamb

12 recipes


Minced lamb tacos

30 minutes 4 people

These minced lamb and red cabbage tacos are a delicious weekday meal. The lamb mince makes these a little different from regular tacos, but you can use other types of mince if you prefer.

Shish kebab

1 hours 15 minutes 6 people

Shish kebab has to be one of the most well known dishes from the Middle East. Marinated pieces of lamb on a skewer, grilled on the barbecue.

Turkish dürüm (doner kebab wrap)

45 minutes 6 people (1)

These Turkish doner kebab wraps are easy to make at home, filled with lamb, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, herbs and spices. With a bit of chilli heat and garlic sauce, they’re as good as the real thing!

Turkish manti

1 hours 35 minutes 4 people

Turkish manti are similar to dumplings, but their smaller size means more work. Delightful dough pockets filled with minced lamb and served with delicious sauce.


35 minutes 6 people (1)

Cevapcici or cevapi are tasty sausages made from seasoned minced lamb and beef. Delicious with a fresh salad and pita bread.

Harira - Moroccan soup

1 hours 50 minutes 6 people (1)

This moroccan soup is filled with spices, meat, tomatoes, chickpeas and even lentils. Harira is an amazing filling soup, so tasty!

Lamb stew with spiced couscous

4 hours 20 minutes 4 people

A stew with grapefruit, tomatoes, onions and more, perfect for winter! This lamb stew with spiced couscous isn't much effort, the slow cooker does all the work for you.

Wasabi and sesame lamb shoulder chop

15 minutes 4 people

Try a delicious wasabi and sesame lamb shoulder chop this spring, perfect combinations of flavor. Serve with asparagus, mm!

Turkish pide

1 hours 30 minutes 4 people

A Turkish pide is a Turkish bread that's traditionally made with ground lamb. Filled with lots of herbs, definitely worth a try!

Lamb shank with Hasselback potatoes

45 minutes 2 people

Delicious lamb shank with thyme, hasselback potatoes and soft vegetables. Ready in about 45 minutes, recipe for two people.

Herb crusted rack of lamb

1 hour 2 people

Are you up for a challenge? Cook up this herb crusted rack of lamb and be amazed by it's flavors. Recipe for two, ready in an hour.

Lamb burger with truffle mayonnaise

15 minutes 2 people

Mmmm, a delicious combination of truffle, lamb, eggplant and red onion. Lamb burger with truffle mayonnaise is ready in 15 minutes.

Slow cooked boneless leg of lamb

6 hours 5 minutes 6 people

Amazing centerpiece for Christmas dinner. Having the boneless leg of lamb slow cooked in the crock pot makes it extra tender and therefore delicious.

Gordon Ramsay's Shepherd's pie

40 minutes 4 people (41)

We saw this recipe on Kitchen Nightmares and just had to share Gordon Ramsay's shepherd's pie recipe. Ready in 40 minutes, recipe for 4.

Lamb sausages with minted pea puree

30 minutes 3 people

Spring is in the air with these lamb sausages with minted pea puree. Served with roasted potatoes makes it an even more delicious dish!