33 recipes


Stuffed quail

30 minutes 4 people (5)

Stuffed quail is a very festive dish with a stuffing of ground beef, garlic and sage. A must try that's ready within half an hour.

Barbecue sage and lemon chicken legs

50 minutes 4 people

These juicy and tender barbecue sage and lemon chicken legs are slowly cooked on the barbecue for the best result. Sage-scented chicken it absolute divine!

Chicken burgers

40 minutes 4 people

These chicken burgers are made with chicken breasts and extra delicious with red onion, bavon and a super easy tarragon mayonnaise.

Slow cooker chicken thighs with tomato sauce

4 hours 15 minutes 4 people

These slow cooker chicken thighs with tomato sauce are extra delicious with soy sauce, ginger and bit of spiciness. Serve with rice and cashew nuts.

Turkey rolls with sun-dried tomatoes

15 minutes 4 people

Delicious turkey rolls with sun-dried tomatoes and sage that look festive, but are very easy. Ready within just 15 minutes.

Slow cooker spicy chicken

4 hours 20 minutes 4 people

These slow cooker spicy chicken legs can also be made in a Dutch oven. Tender chicken that literally falls off the bone, so delicious! Serve with rice.

Black mushroom and chicken ramen

50 minutes 4 people (1)

Thus black mushroom and chicken Ramen is a delicious soup filled with noodles, fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chicken and lots of veggies.

Lemon and herb crusted turkey roast

1 hour 6 people

Looking for a light and refreshing center piece for your (Christmas) dinner? This lemon and herb crusted turkey roast is what you need!

Turkey rolls with pomegranate and carrot

30 minutes 4 people (1)

Looking for a festive main course that's quite easy? These turkey rolls with pomegranate and carrot are ready within half an hour.

Creamy chicken pasta with truffle

25 minutes 4 people

Have you seen a (black) truffle somewhere? Buy it and make a creamy chicken pasta with truffle, so worth it! Ready in less than half an hour.

Teriyaki chicken and noodles

30 minutes 4 people

Create these teriyaki chicken and noodles within half an hour. Do you love to stir-fry? Choose a steel wok for that authentic taste.

Jamaican jerk chicken

55 minutes 4 people

This Jamaican jerk chicken is absolute divine. Flavor combinations of spicy, refreshing and with lots of spices, perfectly balanced!

Indian spiced yogurt marinade

10 minutes 4 people (32)

An Indian spiced yogurt marinade will make your chicken, or chicken thighs, super delicious and tender. Grill them on the barbecue for even more goodness!

Spiced chicken and vegetable soup

30 minutes 6 people

This spiced chicken and vegetable soup is ready within hald an hour en you can make it as spicy as you would like. Packed with veggies and spices.

Chicken, noodles and baby corn stir-fry

20 minutes 2 people (2)

A quick meal filled with veggies and an easy homemade sauce. Try this delicious chicken, noodles and baby corn stir-fry, ready within 20 minutes.