French onion risotto

40 minutes 4 people

This French onion risotto is a bit similar to the well known classic onion soup. An easy vegetarian risotto that's ready within 40 minutes.

Garbure béarnaise - Vegetable soup with duck

2 hours 30 minutes 8 people

Garbure béarnaise has a lot of versions, this French filled vegetable soup with duck is a classic version of the Southwest. Needs some time, but so worth it

Tarte soleil

30 minutes 6 people

An easy snack for the weekend, ready within half an hour. This tarte soleil isn't just pretty, it's also very delicious and easy to create.

Acacia beignets

20 minutes 6 people

You've probably heard of acacia honey, but did you know you can also pick the flowers yourself? Dip them into a batter and fry them for a lovely dessert

Potato and onion gratin

45 minutes 4 people

A potato and onion gratin is a great side dish for any kind of meat and fish. This version is even tastier than a classic potato gratin. Ready within 45 minutes.

French chocolate flan

40 minutes 8 people

This classic dessert is very easy! A French chocolate flan is sort of a crÚme brûlée without the sugar topping. A creamy pudding, baked in the oven.

Raclette pizza

30 minutes 4 people

A raclette pizza is perfect for cheese lovers. Made using a Fench method, this pizza will surely make your hunger dissapear! Contains two types of cheese, potatoes, bacon and red onion.


30 minutes 4 people

Piperade is a classic Basque recipe, made with peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggs and more. An easy vegetarian dish you can serve with bread.

Veal stew with vanilla - Blanquette de veau Ă  la vanille

2 hour 4 people

This classic French stew is silky smooth because of the addition of vanilla. Have you ever had a veal stew with vanilla? It's really worth a shot!

Beef bourguignon

4 hours 15 minutes 6 people

A classic French stew: beef bourguignon. A stew with beef, red wine, mushrooms, bacon, herbs and more. Can also be made in a crock pot.

Daube de boeuf à la Provençale

4 hours 45 minutes 8 people

This French dish is a stew with beef, mushrooms and more. Daube de boeuf à la Provençale is a classic and loved dish.

French green tea parfait

25 minutes 6 people

A parfait is a French dessert which is a 'no churn ice cream'. A green tea parfait is a super creamy and well balanced dessert.

Croque madame

20 minutes 1 person

A croque madame is a ham and cheese toastie with a fried egg on top. Recipe for one croque madame, but you'll probably want more..

Cherry clafoutis

1 hour 12 people

Cherry clafoutis is a classic French cake, tastes best when it's still warm. But also still amazing when it's cold. Ready in an hour.

Vegetarian mushroom Bourguignon

30 minutes 4 people

This vegetarian mushrooms Bourguignon is ready in half an hour and extra tasteful with red wine, pearl onions and different kinds of mushrooms.