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Oven baked camembert with pommes duchesse

45 minutes 4 people

This oven baked camembert with pommes duchesse is just perfect. The ideal main course for cheese lovers, we just can't get enough of it!

Acacia flower syrup

1 hours 40 minutes 6 people (1)

During spring you'll see those beautiful white flowers everywhere and they smell AMAZING. Try this acacia flower syrup, cause they also taste amazing!

Steak tartare

20 minutes 4 people (1)

A great classic French dish, steak tartare. Easy to create and delicious as a starter with some grilled bread. Ready within 20 minutes.

Oeufs en meurette - poached eggs in red wine sauce

50 minutes 4 people

Oeufs en meurette is a classic French dish. It's literally just poached eggs in red wine sauce, with bacon and mushrooms.

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin is a French oven dish. Perfect when it's cold outside during winter or autumn. The classic version is without pumpkin puree.


40 minutes 4 people (5)

Truffade is a classic dish from the Auvergne, France. Who doesn't love the combination of potatoes, cheese, garlic and bacon? Mmm simple perfection!

Tartiflette zucchini

40 minutes 6 people

A classic tartiflette, with potatoes, cream, bacon and cheese. This tartiflette zucchini is a different way of serving, a delicious stuffed zucchini.

Quince candy

1 hours 55 minutes 10 people (5)

This quince candy is a French classic recipe and it actually candied quince with lemon. Refreshing and sweet at the same time. No need to peel them!


1 hours 5 minutes 8 people

These stewed vegetables are a classic and well known side dish from France. Ratatouille is made with zucchini, eggplant, peppers and more.

Confit de canard

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

Confit de canard is a speciality from the Southwest of France. These juicy and tender duck legs are ready within 2.5 hours. Simply made in the oven.

French onion risotto

40 minutes 4 people

This French onion risotto is a bit similar to the well known classic onion soup. An easy vegetarian risotto that's ready within 40 minutes.

Garbure béarnaise - Vegetable soup with duck

2 hours 30 minutes 8 people

Garbure béarnaise has a lot of versions, this French filled vegetable soup with duck is a classic version of the Southwest. Needs some time, but so worth it

Tarte soleil

30 minutes 6 people

An easy snack for the weekend, ready within half an hour. This tarte soleil isn't just pretty, it's also very delicious and easy to create.

Acacia beignets

20 minutes 6 people

You've probably heard of acacia honey, but did you know you can also pick the flowers yourself? Dip them into a batter and fry them for a lovely dessert

Potato and onion gratin

45 minutes 4 people (1)

A potato and onion gratin is a great side dish for any kind of meat and fish. This version is even tastier than a classic potato gratin. Ready within 45 minutes.