Pie and cake

Delicious pie and cake recipes for you to try out!

Kiwi meringue pie

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people

This kiwi meringue pie is made with a homemade pie crust, soft and refreshing kiwi cream, ripe kiwi and a thick layer of meringue.

Apple brioche

1 hours 5 minutes 8 people

This apple brioche looks festive, a delicious bread during Holiday brunches. Made with apple, cinnamon and homemade dough.

Apple meringue pie

1 hour 12 people

This apple meringie pie has everything you want in a perfect autumn pie. A crunchy pie crust, creamy apple filling and soft meringue.

Banoffee pie

40 minutes 12 people

A banoffee pie is a well-known pie with banana, caramel and cream. Easy to create, but you'll have to wait a bit before it's ready to serve.

No-bake pumpkin cheesecake

1 hour 12 people

This no-bake pumpkin cheesecake is a delicious fall pie. Perfect if you haven't got an oven. But can you wait until the pie is firm?

Crunchy mini fig pies

30 minutes 6 people

These crunchy mini fig pies with cinnamon are easy and quick. Made with just a few ingredients, nothing beats fresh figs, mm!

Lime quark pie

20 minutes 12 people

A refreshing lime quark pie is made within 20 minutes, but it needs some time in the fridge until it's completely set. A no-bake pie that's ideal for summer

White chocolate and mango tarts

1 hour 6 people

These white chocolate and mango tarts are made with Dutch 'sloffendeeg', a crunchy cookie-like crust. Filled with a delicious homemade almond paste.

Sbriciolata - Italian crumble cake

40 minutes 12 people

This sbriciolata can be created within 10 minutes with only a few ingredients. All you have to do is wait for the oven to do the rest. A classic Italian crumble cake with jam.

Raspberry cake roll

40 minutes 8 people

A delicious raspberry cake roll with refreshing cream cheese. It looks amazing and festive, perfect for a special occasion. If the cake isn't too thin, this cake roll can't go wrong!

Pumpkin pie with candied orange and caramelised almonds

1 hours 50 minutes 12 people

A delicious and refreshing pumpkin pie with candied orange and caramelised almonds. It needs some time to prepare, but that's more than worth it! Without the decorations it's still delicious!

Almond and white chocolate mini pavlova

40 minutes 8 people

A small coffee time pastry, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. These almond and white chocolate mini pavlova are incredibly delicious and easy.

Rocky road pie

30 minutes 12 people

A classic American rocky road pie with chocolate marshmallows, almonds and a crust made of cookies. A quite easy and delicious pie!

Amaretto and white chocolate blondies

40 minutes 6 people

Delightful amaretto and white chocolate blondies, a classic combination of flavours. Kind of sweet, but very delicious!

Spiced apple pie

50 minutes 12 people

A spiced apple pie with refreshing apples, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and more. Surprising flavours, a lovely variation on the classic pie!