50 recipes


Puff pastry fruit and rosehip tart

30 minutes 8 people

Bring the sun into your home with this simple puff pastry fruit and rosehip tart. You can also use other fruits, such as strawberries or blueberries.

Mini cherry tomato tarts

35 minutes 8 people

These hearty little pastry pies with cherry tomatoes are so easy to make at home. You will whip them up in no time - they’re the perfect single serve tarts.

Raspberry cheesecake bites

30 minutes 8 people

These raspberry cheesecake bites are super easy and made with only a few ingredients. An easy sweet bite, perfect for any party.

Dutch almond paste-filled pastry log aka amandelstaaf

30 minutes 8 people (13)

A homemade Dutch almond paste filled pastry log is super easy with only a few ingredients. An ideal last-minute snack for the Dutch holiday Sinterklaas.

White chocolate and yuzu lava cake

20 minutes 6 people

A lava cake is well known for it's version with a melting centre of dark chocolate. This white chocolate and yuzu lava cake is a refreshing variation!

Almond and white chocolate mini pavlova

40 minutes 8 people

A small coffee time pastry, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. These almond and white chocolate mini pavlova are incredibly delicious and easy.

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

45 minutes 6 people (5)

An apple strudel with vanilla sauce is a classic Austrian pastry. Loved by many and popular during autumn. Served with a homemade vanilla sauce.

Pastry-wrapped baked apples

40 minutes 10 people (11)

Pastry-wrapped baked apples are super easy. Lovely warm apples with cinnamon in crispy puff pastry. Ready within 40 minutes.

Strawberry eggnog tarts

55 minutes 8 people

These strawberry eggnog tarts are made with Dutch 'sloffendeeg', a crunchy cookie-like crust. Filled with a delicious eggnog mousse.

Pineapple-apricot galette

1 hours 20 minutes 8 people

This pineapple-apricot galette is easy to create without a baking tin. The combination of the fruit and cinnamon was unexpected, right? Mm!

Lemon macarons

2 hour 20 people

It takes a little practise, patience, time and love, but it's so worth it! WOW, home made lemon macarons are awesome!

Whipped cream and sea salt caramel puffs

1 hour 20 people

These whipped cream and sea salt caramel puffs are even better than regular puffs. You can also use caramel without sea salt if you prefer.

Dutch King's day tompouce

30 minutes 8 people (10)

In Holland we celebrate King's Day next week. So that's why we made a lovely Dutch King's day tompouce. Filled with custard, mm!

Turkish apple cookies - Kurabiye elmali

50 minutes 20 people (9)

Turkish apple cookies, have you ever saw them? They're pretty, don't you think? But most of all they taste amazing! Made with a fantastic dough.

Vanilla cake with Romanian cheese

50 minutes 12 people

This delicious and flaky vanilla cake with Romanian cheese is a traditional Romanian delicacy. You can also use ricotta or any other fresh cheese.