Orange pudding

20 minutes 6 people

A creamy and refreshing orange pudding. Filled with flavor and perfect as a dessert on a sunny summer day. Ready within 20 minutes.

Banana bread pudding

40 minutes 6 people

Throwing old bread out is a waste and unnecessary, because you can turn it into a delicious banana bread pudding. Great for breakfast or as a dessert.

Pumpkin pudding

40 minutes 6 people

Creamy and smooth pumpkin pudding, yumm! The perfect autumn dessert that's ready within 10 mins. You can also use honey instead of sugar

Tapioca pudding

15 minutes 6 people

This silky smooth tapioca pudding is made with small tapioca pearls. This pudding is a bit similar to rice pudding and is even more creamy.

French chocolate flan

40 minutes 8 people

This classic dessert is very easy! A French chocolate flan is sort of a crème brûlée without the sugar topping. A creamy pudding, baked in the oven.

Watalappan - cardamom-coconut custard

40 minutes 5 people

You've probably never heard of watalappan, a wata.. what? Yes, a cardamom coconut custard from Sri Lanka. Filled with autumn spices!

Vanilla pudding with banana and oreo cookies

10 minutes 4 people

A vanilla pudding with banana and oreo cookies can be made in less than 10 minutes! Recipe for 4 people, simple, fast and easy!