Dish type: sausage

16 recipes


Pumpkin and merguez sausage traybake

50 minutes 4 people

Our pumpkin and merguez sausage traybake is also packed full of vegetables, and feta cheese, making it a complete meal. An easy recipe, with masses of flavour, and delicious crunch of crispy pumpkin seeds.

German currywurst

30 minutes 4 people (1)

A delicious real German currywurst, with a simple homemade curry sauce and fries. Just like in Germany on the markets and biergarten.

Chicken and chorizo paella

1 hour 4 people (4)

Paella is an amazing dish, cozy over a fire or gas burner outside. This paella with chicken and chorizo is extra delicious with a perfect 'socarrat'.

Spicy sausage rice

45 minutes 4 people (1)

This spicy sausage rice is a dish inspired by Gordon Ramsay. A delicious and easy one-pan dish filled with vegetables.

Mini tortillas with beans and red cabbage

40 minutes 4 people

These mini tortillas with beans and red cabbage are super easy to make. Super delicious with spices, a little heat and just right in balance with red cabbage.

Beans with tomato and onion

30 minutes 4 people (2)

These beans with tomato and onion can be made with all kinds of beans. Amazing with a spiced sausage and pieces of bread.

Holiday wreath pizza

45 minutes 2 people

Looking for an amazing and unique Christmas dish? A Holiday wreath pizza looks great and is fun to serve during the Holidays.

Tortillas with sausages, white cabbage and crispy onions

30 minutes 4 people

Try a different kind of filling with these tortillas with sausages, white cabbage and crispy onions. With delicious sweet and sour cabbage!

Green asparagus spring lasagna

1 hours 10 minutes 4 people

A delicious and refreshing green asparagus spring lasagna made with lemon bechamel sauce for extra deliciousness. Can be made with or without meat but be sure to use fresh asparagus.

Kale and potatoes a.k.a. boerenkoolstamppot

30 minutes 6 people (6)

Kale and potatoes, or better known as boerenkoolstamppot in Holland is a winter dish that goes way back in time. Served with an onion sauce.

Choucroute garnie

50 minutes 6 people (1)

Choucroute garnie is a French one-pot dish with sauerkraut, pork meats and white wine. Served with mustard. Ready in less than an hour.

Pork sausage, tomato and spinach pasta

20 minutes 2 people

Great use of sausages instead of just cooking them in a skillet, create a flavorful pork sausage, tomato and spinach pasta. Everyone will love it!

Full English breakfast

30 minutes 1 person (3)

Traditional full English breakfast has everything for a great start of the day. It includes bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, blood sausage, beans and toast.

Vegetable, bean and sausage soup

45 minutes 8 people

When it's cold outside, all you want is a heartwarming meal. We got the perfect filling and warming meal for you! Vegetable, bean and sausage soup, mmm

Spanish mussels in chorizo and wine sauce

20 minutes 2 people (1)

Beautiful Spanish mussels with chorizo sausage and white wine. Easy, quick and super delicious. Recipe for two, ready in 20 minutes.