Dish type: sea

17 recipes


Scampi diabolique

20 minutes 4 people (2)

This scampi diabolique is a classic Belgian dish. You can serve them as an appetizer or as a delicious and creamy pasta sauce.

Creamy lobster sauce

20 minutes 6 people (11)

An amazing creamy lobster sauce is ready within just 20 minutes. A lovely addition to fish or pasta, turns your meal into a feast.

Salmon and yuzu blinis

35 minutes 8 people

Appetizers with marinated salmon are even better than smoked salmon, don't you think? These salmon and yuzu blinis are also great for the Holidays.

Smoked mackerel salad

20 minutes 2 people

This smoked mackerel salad is a bit similar to a classic Niçoise salad, but instead of tuna we used delicious smoked mackerel. Ready within 20 minutes.

Bacon-wrapped cod with lime risotto

35 minutes 2 people

This bacon-wrapped cod with lime risotto complements eachothers flavors. The refreshing lime, the salty bacon and softness of the fish. Mmm!

Risotto with shrimps and peas

40 minutes 4 people

Risotto with shrimps and peas is extra delicious because of the addition of fresh sage and lots of garlic for the garlic shrimps. Mmm!

Barbecued cod with walnut pesto

20 minutes 4 people

This barbecued cod with walnut pesto is perfect for spring. A quick and delicious fish, ready within 20 minutes with a homemade pesto.

Smoked salmon rolls

10 minutes 2 people (4)

These smoked salmon rolls with horseradish are a perfect appetizer for any party. Or serve them as an element for a starter or salad. Ready within 10 min.

Smoked salmon salad with horseradish crème fraîche

15 minutes 4 people

A soft and light salad with smoked salmon, horseradish, fennel, red beets and more. Delicious and perfect combination of flavors.

Scallops with balsamic caramel

10 minutes 5 people

End the year with a perfect appetizer that melts on your tongue. Or start the year perfect, because you can also serve these scallops on a salad.

Bisque de homard - lobster soup

1 hours 20 minutes 12 people (2)

Bisque de homard is a French classic lobster soup made from scratch using lobster shells, veggies and more. The perfect soup during Christmas.

Sea bream with fresh pasta and samphire

40 minutes 6 people

Sea bream with fresh pasta and samphire is a lovely warm appetizer, you can also serve it in larger portions for a main course. So delicious!

Lobster and green apple salad

15 minutes 2 people

A lobster and green apple salad might sound fancy, but its actually very easy to make at home! Recipe for two people, great as a lunch.

Sushi bowl with beef teriyaki

40 minutes 4 people (1)

Sushi with fish is delicious, but not for everyone. A sushi bowl with beef teriyaki is great sushi, but without the trouble of rolling it.


40 minutes 6 people (4)

Don't you just love paella? Everything in one large pan, preferably in the open air, but can also be made inside. It looks pretty too, so dig in!