45 recipes


Peanut sauce stir fry

10 minutes 4 people

A deliciously aromatic peanut sauce with coconut milk, fresh ginger and lime. A great sauce for a great stir fry. Done in a pinch โ€“ less than 10 minutes!

Sweet and sour chicken

40 minutes 4 people

A delicious and easy weekday meal. Sweet and sour chicken with pieces of pineapple, broccoli and more.

Black pepper and lime beef stir-fry

25 minutes 4 people

A lovely heart warming dish made with fresh ingredients. This black pepper and lime beef stir-fry is ready in less than half an hour.

Sweet and sour stir-fry sauce

10 minutes 4 people

This delicious sweet and sour stir-fry sauce is made in a jiffy. It makes all your easy stir-fry dishes even more amazing. Ready within 10 minutes.

Hong kong-style egg tarts

35 minutes 5 people

Lovely sweet egg-flavors are to be found in these (filling) Hong kong-style egg tarts. Recipe for 5 people, or 10 tarts. Ready in 35 minutes.

Shimeji, enoki and chicken stir fry with pandan rice

20 minutes 2 people

Fast, spicy, hot and delicious. Pretty much sums up this amazing shimeji, enoki and chicken stir fry with pandan rice dish. Ready in 20 minutes.

Thai firecracker shrimp

30 minutes 6 people

Fun snack to serve at parties, weddings or just for yourself to enjoy. Hot and tasty shrimp with spicy sauce and peanuts. Amazing.

Miso glazed eggplant

30 minutes 2 people

If you're into eggplants, you definitely have to try Japanese miso glazed eggplant. Prepared in the oven with just a few ingredients.

Asian pork and vegetable soup

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Asian pork and vegetable soup is bursting with flavors. Brought to taste with soy sauce, ginger root and lime juice. Made with fresh ingredients.

Asian noodle and shrimp salad

25 minutes 4 people

Very refreshing asian noodle and shrimp salad. Red pepper, ginger, garlic and other goodness make for a perfect lunch to a great start of the new year.

Japanese pineapple udon noodle soup

30 minutes 4 people

Big flavors in this quick and easy Japanese udon noodle soup dish. Ready in about half an hour, serves up to four people.

Spicy peanut soup

15 minutes 4 people

Comforting and spicy peanut soup is served with bean sprouts and lime cream. This lovely soup will warm you up on cold days. Ready in 15 minutes.

Beef chow noodles

1 hours 5 minutes 2 people

Get a taste of beef chow noodles with real wok flavors. Ready in 20 minutes with 45 minutes waiting, recipe for two.

Green tea matcha mousse pie

1 hours 5 minutes 8 people

3 layers of fluffy goodness with this green tea matcha mousse pie. You can also serve the mousse without the other layers, surprise everyone!