Start with awesome starter dish for memorable and easy dishes. Great for dinner parties and daily chow!

Beetroot tarte tatin

1 hours 40 minutes 6 people

This beetroot tarte tatin is a delicious hearty pie with beets and sage. A perfect combination with a thin layer of caramel.

Roasted garlic

20 minutes 1 person

A French classic recipe! Oven roasted garlic, soft and caramelised garlic. Spread on bread for a lovely appetizer. Ready within 20 minutes.

Steak tartare

20 minutes 4 people

A great classic French dish, steak tartare. Easy to create and delicious as a starter with some grilled bread. Ready within 20 minutes.

Red beet gnocchi

1 hour 4 people

Don't these homemade pink gnocchi look amazing? These red beet gnocchi are extra delicious in combination with thyme, black olives and cheese.

Savory mini turnip pies

1 hours 25 minutes 8 people

These savory mini turnip pies aren't just cute, they're also delicious. You can also use puff pastry instead of homemade dough for a quick version.

Pearl couscous, mozzarella and fennel salad

40 minutes 4 people

During warm summer days, all you need is a refreshing salad. This pearl couscous, mozzarella and fennel salad can be served for dinner, lunch or starter.

Garbure béarnaise - Vegetable soup with duck

2 hours 30 minutes 8 people

Garbure béarnaise has a lot of versions, this French filled vegetable soup with duck is a classic version of the Southwest. Needs some time, but so worth it

Carrot and apple soup

25 minutes 4 people

Carrot and apple soup is a filling lunch soup, or serve in smaller portions as a starter. Refreshing and hearty, apple and ginger perfectly balanced.

Smoked duck salad with walnuts

15 minutes 4 people

A light and refreshing smoked duck salad with walnuts that's ready within 15 minutes. Recipe for 4 and serve with a glass of apple cider.

Potato truffle soup

40 minutes 6 people

This potato truffle soup feels like a bit of luxery, in your own home. A creamy soup, delicious as a starter for the Holidays or fancy dinner.

Garlic and pomegranate labneh

12 hours 10 minutes 6 people

This dip is a classic one from the Lebanese cuisine, served with (pita)bread. Try this garlic and pomegranate labneh.


10 minutes 4 people

Dip a piece of bread in olive oil and then into this delicious dukkah (-dugga, -dukka). Great as a appetizer, origins in Egypt.

Shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella

25 minutes 4 people

The weather isn't that great, but a lovely shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella can be eaten all year round! So delicious!

Marinated mini mozzarella

10 minutes 2 people

These marinated mini mozzarella balls are perfect as a snack, but also very delicious in all kinds of salads. Made with only a few ingredients.

Mini mozzarella tapas bites

10 minutes 15 people

Using just 3 ingredients, these mini mozzarella tapas bites are ideal for serving at your next party! Recipe for 15 tapas, ready in 10 minutes.