Dish type: mayonnaise

11 recipes


Sriracha mayonnaise

5 minutes 4 people

A very simple recipe for Sriracha mayonnaise which you can adjust to your own taste. Delicious with many different dishes, and prepared as follows!

Homemade remoulade sauce

15 minutes 4 people

It is super easy to make your own remoulade sauce; a simple sauce made with mayonnaise, gherkins, and fresh herbs.

Homemade ravigote sauce

10 minutes 4 people

A delicious and creamy homemade ravigote sauce is perfect to serve with deep fried fish. A real simple sauce with fresh herbs and capers.

Dutch potato salad - Huzarensalade

5 hours 15 minutes 8 people (11)

A delicious and refreshing huzarensalade, a Dutch potato salad with meat and vegetables. An amazing side dish at a barbecue!

Crab cocktail

10 minutes 2 people

Make your own crab cocktail with only a few ingredients. Great as a starter, or on top of some bread or even as a dipping sauce.

Chicken burgers

40 minutes 4 people

These chicken burgers are made with chicken breasts and extra delicious with red onion, bavon and a super easy tarragon mayonnaise.

Classic coleslaw

20 minutes 8 people (1)

A classic coleslaw is made with not that much ingredients. A quick and easy refreshing salad, perfect as a side dish at a barbecue or served for lunch.

Crispy cod with tartar sauce

20 minutes 2 people (1)

Crispy cod with tartar sauce is a lovely weekday meal that's ready within 20 minutes. Nothing beats homemade sauce, don't you think?

Fresh crayfish salad with pineapple chutney

30 minutes 4 people (1)

Sweet, sour and a bit spicy! This fresh crayfish salad with pineapple chutney has it all. Ready in just 30 minutes, recipe for 4.

Celery root salad

10 minutes 6 people (1)

You've probably seen these celery root salads in the supermarkets. You can easily make your own within 10 minutes, delicious and creamy!

Witch's cheese (Heksenkaas®)

10 minutes 4 people (4)

Witch's cheese is a typical Dutch cheese spread, made from cream cheese, garlic and leek. In Holland it's called Heksenkaas. It's ready in about 10 minutes.

Smoked mackerel and dill sandwich

15 minutes 1 person

Got a big appetite? Make a smoked mackerel and dill sandwich for lunch and your hunger is surely gone. Recipe for one, ready in 15 minutes.