Dish type: pancake

10 recipes



50 minutes 4 people

Hot, buttered crumpets are a quintessentially British treat. Our homemade versions are delightfully airy and spongy in texture. They are well worth making at home. Will you enjoy yours with just butter, with a dollop of jam, or a smear of Marmite?

Crêpes Suzette

40 minutes 4 people

Crêpes Suzette are a fantastic classic French dessert of flambéed pancakes in orange sauce. Best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin pancakes

25 minutes 4 people (3)

These pumpkin pancakes are delicious autumn pancakes, perfect for an extra tasty breakfast during cold(er) days.

Cinnamon crepes

30 minutes 4 people (2)

These cinnamon crepes are perfect as an amazing breakfast, extra delicious with mascapone and warm apples or serve with some fresh strawberries.

Cherry pancakes

20 minutes 4 people

Delicious thick cherry pancakes like my grandma used to make for us. A simple pancake batter with cherries for extra deliciousness.

Spiced savory crepes

30 minutes 6 people

These spices savory crepes are an amazing side dish to serve a curry. Something different instead of rice. With garlic, ginger and more.

Praline and chocolate crêpes

30 minutes 6 people

Pancakes or super delicious, but this very thin French crêpes are even better! What about these praline and chocolate crêpes? Yum!

Salmon and yuzu blinis

35 minutes 8 people

Appetizers with marinated salmon are even better than smoked salmon, don't you think? These salmon and yuzu blinis are also great for the Holidays.

Maple pancakes

15 minutes 4 people (6)

Classic maple pancakes are fluffy American pancakes with maple syrup in the batter and extra on top for extra deliciousness! Very easy to create and can be served for breakfast or lunch.

Dutch pancakes

20 minutes 4 people (4)

Easy Dutch pancakes can be topped with anything you like. This basic recipe is ideal for thin sweet pancakes, served for lunch or as a side dish for soup.

Salmon and spinach pancake

15 minutes 1 person

In about 15 minutes this salmon and spinach pancake with fresh spinache is done! Recipe for one person, suited as an evening meal.

Blueberry pancakes

15 minutes 4 people

These American-style blueberry pancakes are a perfect way to start your day. Light and airy, they're delicious served with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. Ready in around 15 minutes.

Drop scones (scotch pancakes)

20 minutes 4 people

Known as drop scones or Scotch pancakes (and as pikelets in Australia and New Zealand), these fluffy little pancakes make a delicious breakfast or teatime treat.

Oatmeal and banana pancakes

25 minutes 4 people

These oatmeal and banana pancakes are a perfect choice to start the day. Deliciously satisfying banana pancakes!