Side dish

72 recipes


Stir-fried bok choy

15 minutes 2 people

You can have this deliciously simple stir-fried bok choy ready in less than 15 minutes. Crispy bok choy in a delicious quick and easy sauce.

Potato and celery root mash

40 minutes 8 people

A creamy potato and celery root mash is easy to make and therefore the perfect side dish with extra vegetables. Deliciously creamy and smooth.

Gnocchi alla romana

50 minutes 8 people

Gnocchi alla romana is an Italian dish from Rome. This particular kind of gnocchi is made with semolina instead of potatoes.

Beef stuffed zucchini with cheese and bacon

45 minutes 4 people

Beef stuffed zucchini with cheese and bacon is a delicious side dish with spices and crispy and salty bacon. Ready within 45 minutes.

Red beet salad

20 minutes 4 people

This super easy and simple red beet salad is made with only a few ingredients. The perfect side dish at any barbecue gathering.

Barbecue veggie kebabs with feta and rosemary

25 minutes 4 people

These barbecue veggie kebabs with feta and rosemary are a simple side dish. Quick and easy, can also be made in a grill pan.

Lebanese green beans

50 minutes 4 people

Lebanese green beans are amazing, so simple with spices and tomatoes. A vegan side dish, great with rice, couscous or even pasta.

Atjar tjampoer

50 minutes 8 people

Atjar tjampoer is an Indonesian side dish with sweet and sour vegetables and a lovely yellow color. Can also be stored in preserving jars for a long time.

Pumpkin chutney

40 minutes 8 people

A chutney made with vegetables is deliciousness sweet and sour, perfectly balanced. This pumpkin chutney is a great side dish for curry and rice.

Ham and chicken lumpia

1 hour 8 people

Homemade ham and chicken lumpia is amazing. Stuffed with all kinds of vegetables, including recipe for homemade lumpia wrappers.

Braised red cabbage with pomegranate juice

1 hours 20 minutes 8 people

This braised red cabbage with pomegranate juice is a delicious winter side dish. Nothing beats homemade fresh red cabbage, extra great with pomegranate.

Parsnip and potato mash

40 minutes 8 people

A smooth parsnip and potato mash is a lovely side dish for meat and stews. A festive puree with an earthy and sweeth flavor of the parsnip.

Sambal goreng telor

25 minutes 4 people

These sambal goreng telor are a delicious side dish. Delicious fried eggs in a spicy tomato sauce.

Roasted potatoes with sage

40 minutes 4 people

These roasted potatoes with sage are a delicious and easy side dish. With a soft inside and a crunchy outside, packed with flavors.

Pickled beets

1 hours 30 minutes 6 people

These pickled beets are ideal to still enjoy your harvest beets in winter. Ready within 1.5 hours and made with onions, garlic and more.