Old Fashioned whiskey drink

5 minutes 1 person

Old fashioned whiskey drink on the rocks. Ready in 5 minutes, recipe for one. Get a taste of this classic American whiskey drink!

Peach milkshake

5 minutes 4 people

Peaches are natural sweeteners, so secretly this delicious peach milkshake is also kinda healthy! It's creamy, smooth and quite filling. Ready in 5 minutes.

No-bake raspberry cheesecake

20 minutes 12 people

With almost no effort at all, you can surprise your guests with this no-bake raspberry cheesecake. Smooth, easy, quick and made with your favorite fruit.

Hot dogs

10 minutes 4 people

Delicious classic hot dogs, loved by everyone. Can someone wake you up for an awesome hot dog too? Mmm! Ready in only 10 minutes!

Classic vanilla milkshake

5 minutes 4 people

Cold beverage made from only four ingredients, ice cream, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. A classic vanilla milkshake is super easy to make!

Hash browns

25 minutes 4 people

Easy recipe for the crispiest shredded hash browns you've ever made! Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, pure love.

Sugar-free banana bread

1 hours 15 minutes 6 people

No need for added sugar with the natural sweetness of bananas and honey in this sugar-free banana bread. Ready in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Key lime pie

40 minutes 12 people

Refreshing and easy to make key lime pie, everyone's favorite pie! Perfect balanced sweet and sour is made possible by adding sweet condensed milk, lovely!

Club sandwich

15 minutes 1 person

Delicious club sandwich, exactly the way you'll find them at a lunchroom. Very easy and ready in about 15 minutes.

Avocado ice cream

25 minutes 2 people

Very easy and quick avocado ice cream, avocado will give the ice cream an extra soft and smooth taste, very delightful. Ready in about 25 minutes.

Blueberry pancakes

15 minutes 4 people

Blueberry pancakes are a great start of a new day! These great flavor pancakes are also perfect for lunch! Ready in about 15 minutes, recipe for 5 pancakes.

Classic tuna salad

15 minutes 4 people

Classic tuna salad recipe, perfect for picknicks or parties. The lemon juice gives it a nice fresh taste. Ready in about 15 minutes, serves 4 people.

Vanilla caramel popcorn

20 minutes 6 people

Great vanilla caramel popcorn recipe for any holiday or occasion. This recipe for vanilla caramel popcorn serves 6 people and is done in about 20 minutes.

Baby potato salad

35 minutes 6 people

Soft, tender baby potato salad coated with a delicious mayonnaise sauce. Great for picnics, parties and get togethers. Recipe for 6 people.


45 minutes 8 people

This sweet cheesecake is one of our favorite types of comfort food. Homemade cheesecake recipe you can use, serves up to 8 people.