Delicious dessert recipes from all over the world, for all ages! Dessert recipes for kids and adults.

Praline and chocolate crêpes

30 minutes 6 people

Pancakes or super delicious, but this very thin French crêpes are even better! What about these praline and chocolate crêpes? Yum!

Port-preserved cherries

40 minutes 8 people

Delicious port-preserved cherries, an amazing way to store your fresh cherries for a few years.

Pear sorbet

50 minutes 4 people

This pear sorbet is refreshing and light in flavour, that makes it perfect on a warm summer day. Made with just 3 ingredients.

Praliné paste

30 minutes 4 people

Home-made praliné paste is even more delicious than store-bought. This hazelnut and almond paste is ready within half an hour. Great for pies and desserts.

Amarena cherries

1 hours 30 minutes 8 people

Cherries in syrup, better known as amarena cherries. A quick version, but with more time they're even more flavorful. They really are!

How to preserve cherries

1 hours 10 minutes 2 people

Do you have so many delicious cherries that you can't eat them all at once? Here's how to preserve cherries so can enjoy them all year round.

Acacia flower syrup

1 hours 40 minutes 6 people

During spring you'll see those beautiful white flowers everywhere and they smell AMAZING. Try this acacia flower syrup, cause they also taste amazing!

Dutch cookies: kletskoppen

30 minutes 8 people

Have you ever had these amazing super crispy Dutch cookies? They're called kletskoppen and are made with butter and almonds.

Pineapple bavarois

40 minutes 6 people

This super soft and fluffy pineapple bavarois is even more delicious with a hint of rum. Can also be made without rum for the children this Easter.

Pink peppercorn ice cream

1 hour 6 people

Pink peppercorns are actually not real pepper, they are delicious berries with a pepper flavor. Try this pink peppercorn ice cream, it's amazing!

Oven roasted pineapple

30 minutes 4 people

An easy dessert with oven roasted pineapple, warm the very best! Serve with some vanilla ice cream to complete this amazing dessert.

Yuzu panna cotta

20 minutes 6 people

This yuzu panna cotta is a creamy and also refreshing dessert. Extra pretty with red fruits and white chocolate for Christmas.

Chocolate and red fruit cheesecake

20 minutes 6 people

A chocolate and red fruit cheesecake, served in small glasses for an easy and quick dessert. Great for the Holidays to end your Christmas dinner.

White chocolate and yuzu lava cake

20 minutes 6 people

A lava cake is well known for it's version with a melting centre of dark chocolate. This white chocolate and yuzu lava cake is a refreshing variation!

Quince candy

1 hours 55 minutes 10 people

This quince candy is a French classic recipe and it actually candied quince with lemon. Refreshing and sweet at the same time. No need to peel them!