Homemade gyoza wrappers / dumpling wrappers

45 minutes 4 people

Making your own dumpling wrappers (gyoza wrappers) is much easier than you might think. You only need a few ingredients, which can be so simple and so delicious!

Quick pickled red onions

15 minutes 6 people

These quick pickled red onions have a soft and refreshing taste. This sweet and sour onions are delicious on a burger, sandwich or tortilla.

Homemade lumpia wrappers

30 minutes 6 people

Homemade lumpia wrappers are easy and also great if you can't find store-bought wrapper in your area. Made with only a few ingredients.

Homemade almond paste

15 minutes 8 people

Homemade almond paste is super easy, quick and delicious. Can be used as a basic recipe for all kinds of cookies, pies and desserts.

Homemade savoury pie crust

35 minutes 6 people

A homemade savoury pie crust is easily made with flour, dairy butter and water. A basic recipe to create an amazing quiche or savoury pie.

Homemade tomato passata

45 minutes 8 people

Homemade tomato passata has so many flavors, it's amazing. You can also create an even more basic sauce without onions and garlic.

Basic pie crust

10 minutes 2 people

This recipe for a basic pie crust is amazing, because it's easy and cheap. You can fill it with all kinds of great things, such as you favorite fruit.

Basic vanilla cake

1 hours 20 minutes 8 people

A basic vanilla cake is easy to create and can be served at any occasion. An easy slice of cake or as a luxury cake topped with whipped cream and fruit.

Praliné paste

30 minutes 4 people

Home-made praliné paste is even more delicious than store-bought. This hazelnut and almond paste is ready within half an hour. Great for pies and desserts.

Creamy lobster sauce

20 minutes 6 people

An amazing creamy lobster sauce is ready within just 20 minutes. A lovely addition to fish or pasta, turns your meal into a feast.

Dutch pancakes

20 minutes 4 people

Easy Dutch pancakes can be topped with anything you like. This basic recipe is ideal for thin sweet pancakes, served for lunch or as a side dish for soup.

Spiced salad dressing

15 minutes 10 people

A spiced salad dressing is super easy to create. Made with fresh herbs and this basic vinaigrette can be served with any kind of salad.

Spicy oven-roasted potato wedges

35 minutes 4 people

These spicy oven-roasted potato wedges are even better cause they've covered in cheese. A lovely crispy side dish.

Basic vegetable soup

1 hours 15 minutes 8 people

A basic vegetable soup can vary all the time, you can add all kinds of veggies to empty your fridge. Add tiny meatballs for a non-vegetarian version.

Home-made pesto

5 minutes 2 people

Pesto has so much flavors and only takes about 5 minutes to create. Very easy made in a food processor, or using a mortar and pestle.