Dish type: easter

29 recipes


Homemade advocaat

20 minutes 4 people

You can make your own advocaat with 5 ingredients, and it takes very little time. A delicious, old-fashioned liqueur, delicious with cake or in a dessert.

Easter cake roll with mango

1 hours 15 minutes 6 people

An Easter cake roll with mango is wonderfully sweet and fresh and extra delicious with chocolate Easter eggs. All based on a soft and light cake.

Pasta bird's nest with quail eggs

25 minutes 4 people

These pasta bird's nest with quail eggs immediately catches the eye. Tasty quail eggs served on a nest of pasta with bacon and cheese.

Chocolate Easter nests

45 minutes 12 people

These chocolate Easter nests are made with lots of chocolate and they're a perfect pastry with a coffee or on its own as a dessert.

Ground beef and egg Wellington

45 minutes 6 people

This ground beef and egg Wellington is a delicious hearty lunch with all kinds of spices. Perfect during Easter, yumm!

Easter pizza

20 minutes 4 people (1)

An easy pizza for Easter, filled with green asparagus, artichoke hearts and eggs. Recipe for 4 people (2 pizzas) and ready within 20 minutes.

Scrambled eggs with black olives

15 minutes 6 people

These scrambled eggs with black olives look amazing during an Easter brunch. Scrambled eggs are done very quickly, you can also use truffle tapenade.

Easter bread

1 hour 6 people

This Easter bread has to rise twice, so that will take up some time. It's definitely worth it! A soft and tasteful bread, including hard boiled eggs. It's a bit similar to brioche bread.

Blini's with chestnut mushrooms and quail eggs

25 minutes 12 people

Blini's with chestnut mushrooms and quail eggs do not only look cute, these fluffy pancakes are easy to make too! Ready in 25 minutes.

Scotch quail eggs

20 minutes 12 people

Try these delicious Scotch quail eggs this easter. So small and tasteful, aren't they cute? Ready within 20 minutes time.

Wasabi and sesame lamb shoulder chop

15 minutes 4 people

Try a delicious wasabi and sesame lamb shoulder chop this spring, perfect combinations of flavor. Serve with asparagus, mm!

Chocolate parfait with passion fruit

25 minutes 6 people

A parfait is a 'French ice cream' without using an ice cream maker. This chocolate parfait with passion fruit is super easy and perfect for Easter.

Lamb shank with Hasselback potatoes

45 minutes 2 people

Delicious lamb shank with thyme, hasselback potatoes and soft vegetables. Ready in about 45 minutes, recipe for two people.

White asparagus vol au vents

30 minutes 6 people (2)

Lovely puff pastry filled with creamy asparagus. White asparagus vol au vents are a great lunch dish. Ready in half an hour.

Dairy-free white asparagus and mushroom quiche

1 hours 5 minutes 4 people

Looking for a vegetarian and dairy-free awesome recipe? Look no further, dairy-free white asparagus and mushroom quiche would be your perfect recipe!