68 recipes


Celeriac mash

45 minutes 4 people

A simple Dutch celeriac mash with extra vegetables and crunchy bacon bits is ideal as an everyday recipe.

Ribollita - Tuscan soup

2 hours 30 minutes 6 people

A ribollita is a filling soup from Tuscany, Italy. Filled with fresh vegetables, herbs and served with leftover bread.

Creamy chicken spinach pasta

30 minutes 2 people

Super easy, quick and delicious every day of the week recipe for creamy chicken spinach pasta. Cooked within half an hour and packed full of flavour!

Brie mushroom soup

40 minutes 4 people

A SUPER creamy soup with cheese, leek and more! This vegetarian brie mushroom soup is an ideal lunch or meal dish.

Chorizo and egg stuffed peppers

30 minutes 4 people

These chorizo and egg stuffed peppers are filled with spices and are a perfect lunch. You can use any color of pepper you'd like.

Stuffed peppadew peppers with chorizo and mushrooms

15 minutes 6 people

Peppadews are those small pickled peppers, thy these stuffed peppadew peppers with chorizo and mushrooms at your next party.

Classic hachee - Dutch beef stew

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

A classic hachee is a Dutch beef stew with only a few ingredients. Seasoned with dark beer, bay leaves and cloves. Mmm!

Ground beef cannelloni

1 hours 10 minutes 4 people

Ground beef cannelloni is a classic Italian dish. These filled pasta is loved by everyone, extra tasty with bechamel sauce and cheese.

Spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls

40 minutes 16 people

These spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls are amazing because of the crispy outside and all the different spices we've used.

Minced beef and zucchini casserole

1 hour 4 people

A lovely, delicious and creamy minced beef and zucchini casserole. With a crunchy cheese and tomatoes topping. Ready within an hour.

Slow cooker bean casserole

4 hours 10 minutes 6 people

An easy slow cooker bean casserole for a busy day. It has lots of flavors, spices, ground beef, lentils, a bit of spice and even coffee. Mm!

Swiss chard sarma

1 hour 6 people

You've probably seen these rolls before, but instead of wine leaves we're making swiss chard sarma. Even better! Ready within an hour.

Mini pitas with chickpeas and broccoli

25 minutes 4 people

Vegetarian mini pitas with chickpeas and broccoli are refreshing and filling. Packed with flavors and ready within half an hour.

Turkish apple cookies - Kurabiye elmali

50 minutes 20 people

Turkish apple cookies, have you ever saw them? They're pretty, don't you think? But most of all they taste amazing! Made with a fantastic dough.

Stuffed pointed peppers with red rice and bacon

40 minutes 2 people

Stuffed pointed peppers with red rice and bacon is a lovely side dish. You can also use standard rice if you like. Mmm crispy bacon!