Dish type: honey

13 recipes


Lavender honey ice cream

1 hours 10 minutes 6 people

This lavender honey ice cream is soft and creamy. With honey instead of sugar for extra flavor with a hint of lavender and optional some lemon.

Fig and ham appetizers

10 minutes 6 people

These fig and ham appetizers are super easy, made within 10 minutes and no baking or cooking required. Delicious sweet figs with salty ham.

Olive oil cake with mascarpone and figs

1 hours 45 minutes 12 people

This olive oil cake with mascarpone and figs looks A-MA-ZING, a perfect ending to a dinner party or during the Holidays.

Pork and peach kebabs

20 minutes 6 people

Make this pork and peach kebabs, guaranteed a success! The combination of marinated pork, sage and sweet peach is delicious.

Honey mustard chicken

35 minutes 4 people

A simpel chicken breast, made extra delicious! This honey mustard chicken is ready within half an hour, with only a few ingredients it's a perfect weekday meal.

Roasted radishes with mustard dressing

20 minutes 4 people

These roasted radishes with mustard dressing are a surprising and delicious side dish for meat or fish. Have you ever tried warm radishes? Definitely worth it!

Truffle cheese and grapefruit crostini

15 minutes 6 people

Try a different kind of crostini with a surprisingly amazing combination of cheese and fruit; a truffle cheese and grapefruit crostini!

Oven-roasted pumpkin with red onion and truffle

35 minutes 6 people

This oven-roasted pumpkin with red onion and truffle is a delicious side dish, e.g. with tagliatelle of other pasta. Serve with balsamic vinegar.

Teriyaki chicken and noodles

30 minutes 4 people

Create these teriyaki chicken and noodles within half an hour. Do you love to stir-fry? Choose a steel wok for that authentic taste.

Apple and cinnamon madeleines

40 minutes 15 people

Madeleines, a classic French tiny cake. Have you ever tried them? Try them in different flavors, such as these apple and cinnamon madeleines.

Autumn salad with warm coarse mustard dressing

35 minutes 4 people

Sweet potato, bacon and parsnip make this autumn salad with warm coarse mustard dressing super delicious. Have you ever had a warm dressing?

Bibimbap - Korean rice and vegetables

50 minutes 4 people (2)

Have you ever heard of bibimbap? A Korean rice and vegetables dish. A table full of food, combining everything you like. We really love it, a must try!

Greek yoghurt mascarpone with blueberries and honey

10 minutes 2 people (9)

Whip up a delicious dessert by making a Greek yoghurt mascarpone with blueberries, roasted pecan nuts and honey. Recipe for two, ready in 10 minutes.