Dish type: puree

24 recipes


Homemade apple compote

45 minutes 10 people (1)

This traditional apple compote is superior to many ready made varieties, as it contains proper chunks of apple. Making your own apple compote is very easy, and only requires a handful of ingredients.

Mince and cauliflower bake

1 hour 4 people (2)

A delicious baked dish of minced beef and pork and cauliflower, topped with a creamy layer of mashed potatoes. An ideal weekday meal for colder days.

Potato and celery root mash

40 minutes 8 people

A creamy potato and celery root mash is easy to make and therefore the perfect side dish with extra vegetables. Deliciously creamy and smooth.

Parsnip and potato mash

40 minutes 8 people

A smooth parsnip and potato mash is a lovely side dish for meat and stews. A festive puree with an earthy and sweeth flavor of the parsnip.

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin is a French oven dish. Perfect when it's cold outside during winter or autumn. The classic version is without pumpkin puree.

Eggplant and feta risotto

1 hours 5 minutes 4 people

An eggplant and feta risotto is refreshing and hearty at the same time. Extra delicious with roasted eggplant, garlic, onion, lemon and more.

Pumpkin pie with candied orange and caramelised almonds

1 hours 50 minutes 12 people

A delicious and refreshing pumpkin pie with candied orange and caramelised almonds. It needs some time to prepare, but that's more than worth it! Without the decorations it's still delicious!

Parsnip mash

35 minutes 4 people

A parsnip mash is an easy weekday meal. A vegetarian dish that's filled with lots of flavours. With extra mushrooms and romaine lettuce, mm!

Carrot puree

25 minutes 4 people

An easy carrot puree with thyme and ginger is a delicious and quick side dish. Made with only a few ingredients in less than half an hour.

Dutch hutspot

30 minutes 6 people (64)

Classic Dutch hutspot, mashed potatoes, carrots and onions. Can be served with smoked sausage, but without it can be a vegetarian dish. Made with only a few ingredients.

Oven-baked mashed potatoes with cheese

55 minutes 4 people

This oven-baked mashed potatoes with cheese are smooth with a crunchy outside. Very easy and surprisingly tasty. Even better with the almonds.

Pear and sage cheesecake

1 hours 30 minutes 12 people (1)

This pear and sage cheesecake is so delicious! With a surprise ingredient.. And, did you guess that? Seriously, a must try!

Vegetarian beetroot tagliatelle with feta

40 minutes 6 people

With only a few ingredients, and some patience and love, you can create a lovely beetroot tagliatelle with feta. A vegetarian dish full of flavors.

Chicken and mango tortilla wraps

20 minutes 3 people

Chicken and mango tortilla wraps are an easy and quick recipe for every day of the week. With mango puree instead of mango pieces.

Pita bread with minced meat and eggplant

1 hour 4 people

Try something different as a main dish with this pita bread with minced meat and eggplant. Served with an easy and delicious garlic sauce.