Sweet and sour red cabbage

45 minutes 10 people

Red cabbage is always a good idea, but have you ever tried sweet and sour red cabbage? The vinegar gives it a beautiful colour and gives many dishes extra depth.

Sweet and sour chicken

40 minutes 4 people

A delicious and easy weekday meal. Sweet and sour chicken with pieces of pineapple, broccoli and more.

Dutch potato salad - Huzarensalade

5 hours 15 minutes 8 people

A delicious and refreshing huzarensalade, a Dutch potato salad with meat and vegetables. An amazing side dish at a barbecue!

Slow-cooked rabbit with dates and beer

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Slow-cooked rabbit with dates and beer is a delicious tender main dish. A bit sour and a bit sweet, just the right balance. Perfection!

Sweet and sour chicken, vegetables and peaches

35 minutes 4 people

This sweet and sour chicken, vegetables and peaches is an easy weekday meal that's ready in a bit more than half an hour. Can be made with all kinds of veggies of your choice.

Refreshing zucchini salad with mozzarella

10 minutes 4 people

This refreshing zucchini salad with mozzarella is a delicious side dish. Or serve as a quick salad for lunch or as a starter.

Caipirinha sorbet

50 minutes 6 people

The classic Brazilian caipirinha cocktail, super refreshing with all those limes! Make it into a caipirinha sorbet, perfect for hot summer days.

Sweet and sour stir-fry sauce

10 minutes 4 people

This delicious sweet and sour stir-fry sauce is made in a jiffy. It makes all your easy stir-fry dishes even more amazing. Ready within 10 minutes.

Aperol cocktail with lime and raspberries

5 minutes 2 people

A refreshing beverage to celebrate spring is finally here. This Aperol cocktail with lime and raspberries is quick and also thirst-quenching.

Dutch sweet and sour rabbit

15 hour 4 people

A lot of people in the south of the Netherlands serve rabbit legs for Christmas. This recipe for Dutch sweet and sour rabbit goes way back in my family.

Crunchy chicory salad

10 minutes 4 people

Super crunchy chicory salad with green apples and a creamy dressing. Perfect side dish for all kinds of meat and fish. Ready in 10 minutes.

Home-made piccalilli

50 minutes 20 people

Store home-made piccalilli for up to a year! Goes best with most types of white fish and smelly cheeses. Recipe makes enough to fill a large pan

Black Angus beef with polenta and sweet sour oyster mushrooms

30 minutes 2 people

Tender and juicy black angus beef served with oyster mushrooms and polenta. Filling recipe for two people, ready in half an hour.

Mexican red beets salad

10 minutes 4 people

Easy-peasy Mexican red beets salad you can whip up in less than 10 minutes. Hassle-free side dish that complements most spicy Mexican dishes.

Pan-fried duck breast with creamed cabbage

40 minutes 2 people

Pan-fried duck breasts with creamed cabbage is a restaurant-quality dish which is ready in 30 minutes, serves two people.