46 recipes


Rempejek katjang

45 minutes 6 people

Rempejek katjang is a super delicious Indonesian peanut cookie. A delicious snack made from rice flour, peanuts and fresh herbs.

Spritsen - Dutch cookies

40 minutes 6 people

Spritsen are classic Dutch cookies made with butter and a hint of vanilla. Amazing homemade cookies everybody will love!

Savory cheese cookies

30 minutes 8 people

These savory cheese cookies with thyme are crispy and easy to create. Perfect for any party, or as part of a tapas board.

Chocolate crinkle cookies

40 minutes 10 people

These cookies are pretty and they have a soft and subtle chocolate flavor. Crinkle cookies have a marbled appearance.

Dutch gevulde speculaas

1 hours 11 minutes 8 people

A classic cookie that's served during Sinterklaas, a holiday for children in the Netherlands. Gevulde speculaas is a lovely spiced cookie with almond paste.

Tiramisu cheesecake

40 minutes 12 people

This tiramisu cheesecake is extra delicious with a cookie crust and can be made without eggs. An easy no-bake pie, but can you wait?

Dutch cookies: kletskoppen

30 minutes 8 people

Have you ever had these amazing super crispy Dutch cookies? They're called kletskoppen and are made with butter and almonds.

Chocolate malteser pie

30 minutes 12 people

This chocolate and malteser pie is soft, creamy and extra delicious in combination with crunchy maltesers and an easy cookie pie crust.

Coconut almond cookies

20 minutes 6 people

These coconut almond cookies are ready within 20 minutes. Super easy and made with just a few ingredients. Extra delicious with a hint of vanilla.

Lime quark pie

20 minutes 12 people

A refreshing lime quark pie is made within 20 minutes, but it needs some time in the fridge until it's completely set. A no-bake pie that's ideal for summer

Lavender lemon cookies

30 minutes 6 people

Delicious, refreshing and light lavender and lemon cookies. Nothing beats easy homemade cookies. Use a cookie cutter in any shape you like!

Rocky road pie

30 minutes 12 people

A classic American rocky road pie with chocolate marshmallows, almonds and a crust made of cookies. A quite easy and delicious pie!

Taaitaai - Dutch cookies

30 minutes 6 people

Taaitaai is a chewy kind of Dutch cookie that's popular during Sinterklaas, a Dutch holiday for children. A lovely spiced cookie with honey and anise.

Speculaas - Dutch spiced cookies

30 minutes 6 people

When I was little my mom already used this classic Dutch speculaas recipe to create cookies with us during Sinterklaas.

Kruidnoten - Dutch tiny cookies

45 minutes 4 people

Sinterklaas is a Dutch holiday, which can't happen without a large bag of kruidnoten. Homemade they're even better and it's also very easy.