Chicken madras

30 minutes 4 people

It will take you only half an hour to cook this delicious chicken madras and serve it for dinner. A lightly spicy, well-seasoned curry with chicken and coconut, ideal for a weekday.

Chicken and zucchini coconut curry

40 minutes 4 people

An easy chicken and zucchini coconut curry without curry paste but with all kinds of other great flavours. Ready within 40 minutes.

Sweet and sour chicken

40 minutes 4 people

A delicious and easy weekday meal. Sweet and sour chicken with pieces of pineapple, broccoli and more.

Chili con pollo

45 minutes 4 people

This delicious chili con pollo with bell pepper, tomato and lots of spices is a slightly different variety from the classic chili con carne.

Greek beef stew

0 2 people

This Greek beef stew can be made in a slow cooker or Dutch oven. Suitable all year round because of the refreshing tzatziki, olives and feta.

Ropa vieja - Cuban stew

6 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Ropa vieja, a delicious Cuban stew with spices, peppers and olives. Can be made in a slow cooker or Dutch oven. Serve with rice, beans and banana.

Fish curry

50 minutes 4 people

This fish curry is very fagrant, bursting with spices and other flavors and ready in less than an hour. With all kinds of vegetables and white fish.

Pumpkin chili

1 hour 4 people

This pumpkin chili is filled with spices, ground beef and more vegetables. You can make it as spicy as you'd like. We've served this chili with rice.

Rice and peas stuffed zucchini

1 hour 4 people

These rice and peas stuffed zucchini are a delicious meal with lots of veggies, rice, ham and cheese. Without ham it's also an amazing vegetarian meal.

Pumpkin and mushroom risotto

50 minutes 4 people

This pumpkin and mushroom risotto is extra delicious with autumn herbs and fried sage. This gives the risotto a crispy and savory addition.

Slow cooker chicken thighs with tomato sauce

4 hours 15 minutes 4 people

These slow cooker chicken thighs with tomato sauce are extra delicious with soy sauce, ginger and bit of spiciness. Serve with rice and cashew nuts.

Braised cabbage with hazelnuts

35 minutes 4 people

An easy vegetable meal, can be served as a vegetarian main dish or serve this braised cabbage with hazelnuts as a side dish.

Fried rice with spices

20 minutes 4 people

Plain cooked rice can be a bit boring sometimes. Try fried rice with spices for an amazing side dish, with lovely flavors and a vibrant color.

Lapis Daging

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

Lapis Daging is a delicious Indonesian stew with lots of spices, lime and ketjap. With an easy and amazing homemade spice paste.

Baked rice

15 minutes 4 people

Do you have any leftover cooked rice? Ideal as an easy side dish, this baked rice is ready within 15 minutes.