Dish type: casserole

22 recipes


Kohlrabi casserole

1 hours 10 minutes 2 people

This delicious kohlrabi casserole includes potatoes, bacon, leeks, and more. The walnuts give the casserole a pleasing texture and an autumnal touch.

Vegetarian traybake

55 minutes 4 people

This vegetarian traybake is an easy weekday meal, because the oven does all the work. This traybake is really tasty, and showcases halloumi along with pesto, garlic and broccoli.


2 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Ossobuco is a classic of Italian cuisine. A traditional meat dish of veal shanks in a deliciously flavoursome tomato sauce.

Sweet potato Shepherd's pie

1 hours 10 minutes 4 people (2)

This sweet potato Shepherd's pie is possibly even tastier than the classic version. A delicious oven-baked dish combining minced lamb, mashed sweet potatoes and cheese.

Mince and cauliflower bake

1 hour 4 people (2)

A delicious baked dish of minced beef and pork and cauliflower, topped with a creamy layer of mashed potatoes. An ideal weekday meal for colder days.

Green bean casserole

1 hours 20 minutes 4 people

An amazing green bean casserole with curry powder, potatoes and tomato. A vegetarian oven dish, but you can also add some ground beef.

Dutch hutspot casserole

50 minutes 4 people (1)

A Dutch hutspot casserole combines two amazing things; a mash and an oven dish. A lovely mash with carrots, potatoes, leek and a layer of cheese!

Mexican sweet potato and black bean casserole

1 hours 10 minutes 4 people

This Mexican sweet potato and black bean casserole is extra delicious because of the marinated chicken, lots of veggies and of course cheese.

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people

Hachis parmentier with pumpkin is a French oven dish. Perfect when it's cold outside during winter or autumn. The classic version is without pumpkin puree.

Chorizo and chicken jambalaya

1 hours 15 minutes 4 people (3)

Chorizo and chicken jambalaya is a delicious and easy one-pot dish. A hearty and warming weekday meal with different kinds of meat and vegetables.

Chili sin carne

45 minutes 6 people

A chili sin carne is a chili that's packed with flavors of lots of spices, beans, corn, peppers and more. This vegetarian version is just as great as the classic version!

Oven-baked pasta

40 minutes 4 people

A simple oven-baked pasta with a crunchy layer of cheese. Deliciousness with ground beef, tomatoes and spices. Ready within 45 minutes.

Eggplant gratin

1 hours 5 minutes 4 people

For this eggplant gratin you'll need to grill the eggplants first for even more of an explosion of flavors. Extra delicious with a layer of crispy cheese and an easy tomato sauce.

Easy oven-roasted red potatoes with peppers

1 hours 10 minutes 4 people

Easy oven-roasted red potatoes with peppers is an ideal side dish with only a few ingredients. The peppers will give the potatoes a lightly smoked flavour.

Pumpkin and peas lasagna

1 hours 10 minutes 6 people

A pumpkin and peas lasagna is a delicious autumn dish, perfect for any night of the week. Can be made without bacon for a vegetarian version.