16 recipes


Quick pickled red onions

15 minutes 6 people

These quick pickled red onions have a soft and refreshing taste. This sweet and sour onions are delicious on a burger, sandwich or tortilla.

Beer battered onion rings

30 minutes 4 people

These beer battered onion rings are crispy and they're the perfect snack at any party. Also great as an appetizer.

Lentil and potato soup

50 minutes 6 people

An easy lentil and potato soup is a delicious filling soup that's perfect for lunch or dinner. A bit spicy, hearty and filled with spices.

Chicken curry with rice

30 minutes 4 people

Chicken curry with rice is a classic dish, ready within half an hour. Easy, flavorful and quick weekday meal. Perfect for a busy day!

Stir fried ginger-coconut pork chops

25 minutes 4 people

With these stir fried ginger-coconut pork chops your meal can't go wrong! Recipe for 4 people, ready in less than half an hour.

Pan fried broad beans with garlic

1 hours 10 minutes 6 people

These pan fried broad beans with garlic are an easy side dish. If you're using dried beans you need to soak them overnight first, so you'll need a bit of patience.

Ground beef enchiladas

40 minutes 4 people

Ground beef enchiladas are very easy and ready within 40 minutes. These Mexican tortillas are filled with ground beef, bell pepper, spices and more.

Gobi manchurian - Indian cauliflower

35 minutes 4 people

Gobi manchurian, Indian cauliflower. Fried with a crispy coat and then mixed with a delicious kind of spicy sauce. A lovely side dish!


45 minutes 4 people

Poutine is a classic comfort food in Canada. Homemade fries with cheese and gravy, what's not to love about that? AMAZING dish!

Carrot puree

25 minutes 4 people

An easy carrot puree with thyme and ginger is a delicious and quick side dish. Made with only a few ingredients in less than half an hour.

Pizza tonno

35 minutes 2 people

A delicious and classic pizza tonno is a pizza with tuna, red onion, mozzarella and passata. Recipe for 1 pizza.

Tomato salsa

15 minutes 4 people

A tomato salsa is refreshing with a bit of spiciness. Served as a 'sauce' to go with fish, meat or rice. Or serve on bread or with a lumpia.

Braised lettuce

45 minutes 2 people

Old fashioned braised lettuce, a classic Dutch recipe. Definitely worth a try! Lettuce braised in butter with onion and cooked ham, so good!

Canned roasted peppers

40 minutes 8 people

On markets they have these big bags filled with lots of veggies, such as beautiful peppers. You can easily preserve them as canned roasted peppers.

Smoked mackerel salad

20 minutes 2 people

This smoked mackerel salad is a bit similar to a classic Niçoise salad, but instead of tuna we used delicious smoked mackerel. Ready within 20 minutes.