81 recipes


Brie and soft pear bites

15 minutes 6 people

These brie and soft pear bites don't need a lot of ingredients or time. Simple bites with brioche bread and juicy ripe pears.

Spicy meatballs

25 minutes 4 people

These spicy meatballs are seasoned with chorizo and ready in less than half an hour. Perfect as a snack or at you next party.

Salmon and yuzu blinis

35 minutes 8 people

Appetizers with marinated salmon are even better than smoked salmon, don't you think? These salmon and yuzu blinis are also great for the Holidays.

Melanzane sott'olio - pickled eggplant

50 minutes 10 people

It takes some time to create melanzane sott'olio, but it's worth it. A soft spread with eggplant, oil, vinegar and garlic, mm!


55 minutes 8 people

Caponata is bit similar to the well known ratatouille. It's a classic Sicilian recipe, delicious to serve on bread but can also be served as a side dish.

Satay meatballs

20 minutes 4 people

These satay meatballs are always great for parties, they're done within 20 minutes and that's why they're so perfect. They're gone before you know it!

Stuffed peppadew peppers with chorizo and mushrooms

15 minutes 6 people

Peppadews are those small pickled peppers, thy these stuffed peppadew peppers with chorizo and mushrooms at your next party.

Stuffed snack peppers

20 minutes 4 people

An easy and quick snack is always great when you're having friends over. These stuffed snack peppers are ready within 20 minutes.

Puff pastry ham and cheese sticks

20 minutes 6 people

Puff pastry ham and cheese sticks are easy and quick. Extra delicious with figs for a hint of sweetness with the saltiness of the ham and cheese.

Truffle cheese and grapefruit crostini

15 minutes 6 people

Try a different kind of crostini with a surprisingly amazing combination of cheese and fruit; a truffle cheese and grapefruit crostini!

Patatas bravas

35 minutes 6 people

Patatas bravas is a well-known Spanish dish that can be found on any menu of a tapas restaurant. Crispy potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce.

Roasted spiced cauliflower

25 minutes 4 people

This roasted spiced cauliflower is a lovely side dish that's ready within 25 minutes. You can vary to your own liking with all the spices.

Pumpkin and peas bruschetta

35 minutes 10 people

A pumpkin and peas bruschetta is an autumn version of the well-known tomato breads.Pumpkin, peas and cheese; an amazing combination.

Spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls

40 minutes 16 people

These spiced ground beef phyllo dough rolls are amazing because of the crispy outside and all the different spices we've used.

Spanish omelette

25 minutes 4 people

This Spanish omelette is a classic, very simple dish with potatoes, egg and not much more. Can be served as lunch, tapas or main meal.