We upgrade your lunch with our delicious and free lunch recipes.

Mini pigs in a blanket

30 minutes 6 people

These mini pigs in a blanket are great for parties or during the Holidays. A tiny Dutch version of pigs in a blanket, they're called 'saucijzenbroodjes'.

Holiday wreath pizza

45 minutes 2 people

Looking for an amazing and unique Christmas dish? A Holiday wreath pizza looks great and is fun to serve during the Holidays.


55 minutes 6 people

Make your own pissaladieère, a classic Provencal pizza from Nice, France. A delicious pizza with anchovy, caramelised onions and black olives.

Cherry pancakes

20 minutes 4 people

Delicious thick cherry pancakes like my grandma used to make for us. A simple pancake batter with cherries for extra deliciousness.

Hawaiian toastie

15 minutes 1 person

A quick and delicious lunch dish. A great Hawaiian toastie with ham, cheese ánd a slice of pineapple!

Beetroot tarte tatin

1 hours 40 minutes 6 people

This beetroot tarte tatin is a delicious hearty pie with beets and sage. A perfect combination with a thin layer of caramel.

Chorizo and egg stuffed peppers

30 minutes 4 people

These chorizo and egg stuffed peppers are filled with spices and are a perfect lunch. You can use any color of pepper you'd like.

Roasted beet and goat cheese quiche

1 hours 5 minutes 6 people

A roasted beet and goat cheese quiche has amazing flavors and textures of cirspy nuts, sage, bacon and more. Or without bacon for a vegetarian quiche.

French garlic and pine nuts pie

55 minutes 4 people

This French garlic and pine nuts pie is a classic one from the region of Languedoc-Roussillon. A lovely vegetarian quiche that's ready within an hour.

Herb omelette with shrimps

20 minutes 2 people

A herb omelette with shrimps and vegetables is great for lunch or as an easy main dish. An omelette filled with anything you like is just amazing.

Crispy chicken and zucchini poppadoms

40 minutes 4 people

These crispy chicken and zucchini poppadoms are great for lunch or dinner. Poppa, what? Indian crispy bread made with lentils, we love it!

Sweet potato, chorizo and chioggia beet salad

1 hour 4 people

This colourful sweet potato, chorizo and chioggia beet salad is a delicious summer meal. Serve with bread to complete your meal.

Spicy coconut and black mushroom soup

35 minutes 4 people

This spicy coconut and black mushroom soup is a must try. Extra delicious with chicken and creamy without using regular cream.

Ground beef and egg Wellington

45 minutes 6 people

This ground beef and egg Wellington is a delicious hearty lunch with all kinds of spices. Perfect during Easter, yumm!

Rösti-egg muffins

25 minutes 8 people

These rösti-egg muffins are great during Easter, but also as a side dish for dinner. Potato bowls with an egg, delicious!