Mexican salad with chicken

25 minutes 6 people

This easy Mexican salad with chicken is truly finger licking good. Lots of fresh ingredients and of course great Mexican seasoning.

Red beet salad

20 minutes 4 people

This super easy and simple red beet salad is made with only a few ingredients. The perfect side dish at any barbecue gathering.

Baby potato and grilled zucchini salad

40 minutes 4 people

A baby potato and grilled zucchini salad you can call dinner, such a lovely filling salad with tomatoes and a pesto dressing.

Pasta salad with orange and cheese

30 minutes 4 people

An easy and refreshing pasta salad with orange and cheese is ideal on a hot summer day. Great for lunch, week day meal or at a picnic.

Pearl couscous and cauliflower salad

50 minutes 4 people

This pearl couscous and cauliflower salad is refreshing and hearty at the same time. A salad that's great for lunch or as a vegetarian meal.

Crème fraîche and cumin salad

10 minutes 4 people

This crème fraîche and cumin salad is super easy. Ready within 10 minutes, a perfect side dish for your next barbecue gathering.

Classic coleslaw

20 minutes 8 people

A classic coleslaw is made with not that much ingredients. A quick and easy refreshing salad, perfect as a side dish at a barbecue or served for lunch.

Salad with pink peppercorn dressing

5 minutes 4 people

A simple salad with pink peppercorns dressing. Easy and quick, ready within 5 minutes. A refreshing side dish with surprisingly amazing flavours.

Autumn salad with bacon, lentils and cheese

40 minutes 4 people

An amazing autumn salad with bacon, lentils and cheese can be served as lunch or main meal. With crunchy walnuts and mustard dressing.

Spiced salad dressing

15 minutes 10 people

A spiced salad dressing is super easy to create. Made with fresh herbs and this basic vinaigrette can be served with any kind of salad.

Spicy red rice salad with chicken and mango

40 minutes 4 people

This spicy red rice salad with chicken and mango can be made as spicy as you prefer. Delicious and filling salad with lots of refreshing flavors.

Shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella

25 minutes 4 people

The weather isn't that great, but a lovely shrimp salad with mango and mozzarella can be eaten all year round! So delicious!

Easy chicory and apple salad

20 minutes 4 people

Super easy chicory and apple salad which can be made within 20 minutes using only a few ingredients. Recipe for 4 people.

Bulgur salad with roasted bell peppers

50 minutes 2 people

Filling bulgur salad with roasted bell peppers. Roasting your own bell peppers will bring this salad to live. Absolutely worth it!

Red rice and orange salad

35 minutes 4 people

A refreshing, vegetarian and kind of filling red rice and orange salad. Great for lunch or serve with bread as a side dish to go with fish of meat.