Cold salad


Chicory salad with pomegranate

15 minutes 2 people

A simple and tasty chicory salad with pomegranate is delicious as a lunch or side dish. The pistachio nuts make this salad extra savory and salty.

Dutch potato salad - Huzarensalade

5 hours 15 minutes 8 people

A delicious and refreshing huzarensalade, a Dutch potato salad with meat and vegetables. An amazing side dish at a barbecue!

Pasta salad with orange and cheese

30 minutes 4 people

An easy and refreshing pasta salad with orange and cheese is ideal on a hot summer day. Great for lunch, week day meal or at a picnic.

Crab cocktail

10 minutes 2 people

Make your own crab cocktail with only a few ingredients. Great as a starter, or on top of some bread or even as a dipping sauce.


20 minutes 2 people

Crudité is an easy and delightful dish from France. Raw vegetables with a delicious dipping sauce made with cheese and lime.

Greek mixed grill

2 hours 30 minutes 4 people

A Greek mixed grill as you might know from a Greek restaurant, made at home! You can also serve some gyros with this amazing dish.

Corn salad

30 minutes 4 people

This crispy corn salad is made with lots of different vegetables and an easy dressing. Great as a side dish or a lovely salad for lunch.

Zucchini and yogurt salad

30 minutes 6 people

This refreshing zucchini and yogurt salad is ready within half an hour. With only a few ingredients and a very simple dressing it's the perfect side dish.

Pearl couscous, mozzarella and fennel salad

40 minutes 4 people

During warm summer days, all you need is a refreshing salad. This pearl couscous, mozzarella and fennel salad can be served for dinner, lunch or starter.

Smoked duck salad with walnuts

15 minutes 4 people

A light and refreshing smoked duck salad with walnuts that's ready within 15 minutes. Recipe for 4 and serve with a glass of apple cider.

Roasted vegetables pasta salad

30 minutes 6 people

Roasted vegetables pasta salad is a delicious side dish for your next barbecue gathering, but also great for lunch. Ready within half an hour.

Refreshing zucchini salad with mozzarella

10 minutes 4 people

This refreshing zucchini salad with mozzarella is a delicious side dish. Or serve as a quick salad for lunch or as a starter.

Rice salad with poached pears

25 minutes 8 people

Salads are great side dishes at a barbecue gathering, but you can also serve this vegetarian rice salad with poached pears for lunch.

Refreshing potato salad

40 minutes 8 people

This type of potato salad is not your average kind, without mayonnaise but a refreshing potato salad with basil, yogurt, lime and zucchini.

Pasta salad with cucumber and basil pesto

30 minutes 4 people

A refreshing pasta salad with cucumber and basil pesto is a lovely barbecue side dish, or a main course during hot summer days.